Frugal Living Doesn’t Mean Living on the Bread Line

I wanted to speak about how frugal living in the kitchen doesn’t mean living on the bread line. For me to explain, I will have to break this done.

Being frugal means so much more than being cheap or not able to afford things, what it actually means is that you are being careful with your money and what you have and what it is spent on. You like to get the most for your money, whether this is your shopping or whatever.
Living on the Breadline, if you’ve not heard of this before, to basically means that you live pay packet to pay packet or even day to day, you make sure the children are fed, then the pets before yourself.
A lot of people in the UK are living on the breadline, then struggle to survive but they have been. To actually put it into figures, the UK government have said that as of 2017, there is 20% of the UK living in poverty, the way that this is broken down is 8 million working adults 4 million children and 1.9 million pensioners. That is nearly 14 million people in the UK that are living on the breadline!!


In 2017, the Trussell Trust food bank usage increased more than any figure previously recorded, it increased from 41,000 to 1.2 million users!! That is just the food banks that the Trussell Trust has, which is half of the total number of food banks in the UK, at last count the Trussell Trust had 420 food banks all over the UK.
So if the Trussell Trust’s usage has increased so much, that could mean that nearly 2.5 million people use food banks somewhere in the UK!! How is this possible?
I’m by no means rich, I’m not living on the bread line either, but what I like to do is be careful with my money. I like to get the most that I can, that is why I like being a yellow sticker hunter, a frugal shopper who likes to get the best from his shopping, always looking for deals and ways to save money.

How I do it

That is why I use apps such as Shopmium and Checkout Smart, and then on top of that I womble when I go to Tesco’s. I have linked to all the appropriate posts where you can find out some more detail about these.
So since being a frugal shopping, it has allowed me to really hone in some great ways to save my money and really be careful with what I’m doing. What I would do is suggest that you check out My 80 Ways to Save Money on Your Food Shop.

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