How Not To Overspend At The Reduced Section in The Supermarkets

Everyone loves a bargain and when it comes to supermarkets there’s nothing better than the reduced section! When we do our food shopping, weekly or monthly it can cost a fortune, but if you’re looking for cheap food the reduced section is the place you want to be!

Why Buy Reduced Food?

Buying reduced food is a great way to have your money go further, it can save a fortune in the long run. I know a lot of people say that clearance food has gone bad but it’s not true at all, it’s just food close to it’s best before date and most of the time you can still have food after it’s best before date anyway. If you’re on a food budget and want to stock up the fridge and cupboards I’d suggest looking in the reduced section at supermarkets.

Best Times To Get Reduced Food At Supermarkets

Tesco Reduced Food Section

You might be thinking about buying reduced food although not having a clue where to start? I was the same! If you want to buy the yellow sticker food I’d suggest starting at Tesco as this is where we’ve got most of our reduced food. The Tesco reduced section is great for finding bargains, if you’re thinking about the Tesco reduced food times I’d suggest going towards 7 pm as this is the best time for us!

Aldi Reduced Food Section

I also like to shop in Aldi for Aldi reduced food, however, there are no real times that I’ve found for when Aldi reduce foods and it’s a luck thing really. When you’re in Aldi look out for reduced stickers, they normally have 30% or 50% off red sticker on their foods and not just one section where all the reduced food gets put.

Asda Reduced Food Section

I’ve tried to shop at the Asda reduced section but I’ve never had much luck with Asda food reductions. The only time I can suggest going to Asda for yellow sticker food is the weekend, around Saturday and Sunday towards closing time. If you’re in the southwest the one thing I’ve found Asda reduced foods have are loads of ready meals!

What To Do With Reduced Food

There are various things that can be done with reduced foods. I’d suggest looking at what you can freeze and if you can get a lot of meat it would be wise to stock up your freezer at a cheap price. Take a look at this what foods can be frozen post and see if you can get your hands on some reduced food for the freezer!

If you have a meal plan in place you can stock up on foods which will help with future meal plans as you’ll have more food to work with. It’s also a great way to keep within your budget buying cheap food and the best part is the food is fine to eat and you can keep it longer with the freezer!

Reduced Food Behaviour

When it comes to yellow label shopping or reduced food shopping there are certain guidelines that need to be followed. There are no rules as such but it’s always nice to be on good behaviour!

Don’t Take Everything!

There’s no point being greedy at the reduced section, make sure you reduce your waste at the same time and only buy what you’re going to use. There’s no point taking everything if you’re not going to use it and let other people grab the reduced food!

Be Polite!

There’s no point being mean at the reduced aisle. Share with other people around you and don’t get pushy. I’ve had people try and push me out the way and it doesn’t go down well. Be polite and help other people out!

Reduced Food Labels

If you want to know more about reduced food labels and yellow stickers, such as what does best before mean, what does use by date means and so much more I’d ask you to take a look at the mini millionaires post Ultimate Guide To Reduced Food Shopping and get a load of information on yellow stickers!


Always use the reduced section if you’re looking for a bargain. Shopping in the reduced part of supermarkets means you’re able to keep within your budget and save money on food. It helps fill the kitchen full of food and you can stick to a meal plan a lot easier. Next time you’re in a supermarket look for some cheap reduced food.

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