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How Not To Overspend At The Reduced Section in The Supermarkets

How Not To Overspend At The Reduced Section in The Supermarkets

We all like to get a bargain when at the supermarkets, especially when we do the weekly / monthly food shop, I am no different. The only thing I may do differently is what I do when I go to the supermarkets to do my food shop.


I like to shop in both Tesco’s and Aldi, these are my two staples for my food shop, you may ask why? Well I do the main shopping in Aldi and I get the extras that I am unable to get from Aldi in Tesco. I have shopped in Tesco’s for years, but only in the last couple of years I have really be careful how I shop.

If you are a frugal shopper, you will want to stick to your budget and not go over it, I’m no different, so usually the first thing I will do when I go into Tesco’s is have a look at the reduced sections, sure there may be a couple of bits that are reduced that I would like, but as they are only reduced by only up to £1, if I don’t actually need it, should I bother getting it? In my opinion, No.

When Are The Reductions?

My local Tesco does the yellow label reductions around 7pm every evening except Sunday’s where it’s around 2pm, I know other supermarkets do their final reductions at different times, why not go to your local supermarket and find out. This is where they really reduce the close to sell by date products. It can be a little hectic, but I always get some great bits. What I try and look for are the things that I know I will use up.

Reduced Fresh Foods

Firstly I always look at the vegetables and fruit, who doesn’t use vegetables? Most veggies will last for a awhile after the sell by date. If it is potatoes or other root vegetables, these are usually the ones that will last the longest, always! Now when it comes do vegetables such as onions, mushrooms, peppers or even berries, I get these, chop them up when home and freeze them, it makes like so much easier for when you are making meals during the week, check out my post about Freezing Foods.

Now when it’s the other reduced foods, such as yogurts, meats etc. I may get a couple of yogurts if they are the ones that I will eat on slimming world, otherwise I won’t bother. But when is gets to the cooked meats or fresh meats, I will get everything that is eaten in my household.

I have seriously had some bumper hauls when it comes to fresh foods at the supermarket, I know that they will be used and if I can save some money on them, then why the hell not. In all fairness, I would say that the most that I have ever spent on a bumper haul was £40 on reduced foods but it literally filled my freezer, so much so, it has meant that I have only had to buy a few bits to make meals with. This is one of my bumper hauls, had to be in two pictures due to the amount.

There is 36 items in total and this cost me £40!!

Supermarket Yellow Sticker Reduced Products

Let me know how you get on when you go yellow sticker hunting and what your hauls have been like.

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