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Frylight, the full range

FryLight – What’s The Range?

For those of you who have not used this before, it is one of the most amazing products in the world. I use this and only this when cooking. I never use any other oil in my cooking. With there being such a range of Frylight oils, sunflower, olive, butter and chilli, just to name a few.


So what do I use Frylight for? Well this is where I go get particular, I only use some oils for certain things that I am cooking.


When it comes to the coconut Frylight, I only use this for when I am baking or cooking sweet things. When I am making pancakes or spraying a baking sheet for cookies or even spraying a tin for baking a cake, I like to use the coconut frylight as I think it is a little sweeter, and don’t think that it will be suitable for frying onions or even an egg.

When it comes to making my good old roasties, I usually use any of the following, olive oil, butter, or even the rapeseed Frylight, these are perfect.


When it comes to the Chilli or the garlic Frylight, these are ideal for cooking a pasta dish, a chilli con carne or even for a curry. It adds a little more depth of flavour into the meals without the hassle of getting your fingers covered in fresh chilli or garlic.

Go on, give it a try, let me know what Frylight you use, you like and what you make using it.

Here is what the range is currently, it may change with different lines being added so keep your eyes peeled and let me know as well!!

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