8 Dinners for Under £2

Cooking for a family can be tough, especially if you want to make good food and you’re on a budget. Well, I have 8 budget meals for the family for under £2 per portion. These recipes have been tried and tested, I have included the price of the recipe so you can see how much it will cost for the ingredients of that recipe. Then you can make these budget family meals.

Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork

Pulled pork is a favourite in my house, I try and cook this every couple of weeks. It is so simple, it takes me 15 minutes to prepare, then I leave it in the slow cooker for that to work it’s magic. This is delicious, tender and there is no fat what so ever in this recipe, as you will be removing this from the pork before it goes into the slow cooker and once it cooked and you’re shredding it.

The whole recipe costs £7.01, which means that each portion is only £1.75.

Check out the BBQ Pulled Pork.

Slimming World Pulled Pork

Firecracker Chicken

Now, this little beauty is wonderful. If you like Chinese takeaways, then this is certainly the dish for you, pack full of flavour, this Firecracker chicken does pack a chilli punch, that’s for sure. You can have a plateful and you will be full up.

This is a very nice and tasty recipe. The total amount for a family of 4 is: £6.37, which makes each portion only £1.59, an absolute bargain. I can guarantee that you can’t get a takeaway for that money!!

Check out the Firecracker Chicken Recipe here.

Spicentice Firecracker Chicken

Syn Free Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup

A wonderful homemade soup, packed full of vegetable goodness. There is two ways of making this recipe, one is with a soup maker and the second is in a pan on the hob. Both ways are delicious, however the soup maker way is quicker.

This has to be one of the cheapest recipes that I have EVER made, for the whole lot, it costs £1.77, which means that each portion is 44p. That is nothing!!! You get a soup which is full of goodness, tasty and suitable for lunches and dinners.

Check out the Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup here.

Butternut Squash and Potato Soup

Slimming World Beef Burgers – Spicentice

If you like burgers, you will know that most shop bought burgers are not the best. They usually contain more ingredients to preserve it, which is rubbish that we don’t need in our bodies.

The whole recipe cost £6.31, which makes each burger £1.58, they can be cheaper is you use my discount code when you’re buying the burger spices directly from Spicentine.

Making burgers at home is so easy and simple, you have to give it a go. The only addition that I do add to my burgers is the Spicentice mixture, this takes the burgers from being good to being amazing,

Check out the Slimming World Beef Burgers – Spicentice here and the discount code.

Slimming world beef burger spicentice mix

Chicken and Pea Risotto

A risotto does sound fancy, but it is so easy and simple to make. One of the biggest benefits of making a risotto is that you can use near enough any vegetables you want. All you need to do is make sure that the rice is cooked properly.

This chicken and pea risotto is a cheap meal to make, costing £3.27 for the whole lot, meaning that per portion, that is 82p.

Check out the Chicken and Pea Risotto recipe here.

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Slimming World Syn Free Chicken Spaghetti Carbonara

This is an absolute favourite in my house. I have been told that this recipe is better than most Italian restaurants, which always makes me smile. I made this 2 weeks before going to an Italian restaurant, I had a carbonara at the restaurant and I have to be honest, mine was so much better.

What makes this recipe awesome is the secret ingredient, you will never guess what it is?? Anyway, for the whole dish, this costs £4.97, meaning that it is only £1.23 per portion.

Check out the Slimming World Syn Free Chicken Spaghetti Carbonara Recipe here.

Slimming World Syn Free Chicken Spaghetti Carbonara, Chicken Carbonara, Spaghetti Carbonara

Slimming World Diet Coke / Coke Zero Chicken

This is an absolute slimming world classic. Made with diet coke or coke zero, this gives the dish a bbq taste. One thing I haven’t worked out, is it better with rice or pasta? I will have to let you be the judge of this one.

This is a great recipe, one that I know the family will absolutely love. The whole recipe costs £4.55, meaning that it costs £1.14 per portion.

Check out the Slimming World Diet Coke / Coke Zero Chicken recipe here.

Syn Free Slimming World Minted Lamb Stir Fry

This one has to be a treat, lamb isn’t cheap but you can still make some tasty meals and not break the budget by having the meat you want. I love minted lamb, I think it is the best way to have lamb.

This recipe still fits perfectly well on the list, the whole dish costs £6.77, meaning that each portion is £1.69. Thats crazy!!

Check out the Syn Free Slimming World Minted Lamb Stir Fry recipe here.

Minted Lamb Stir Fry - cooked

Now these recipes should give you a nice change at home and fit within your budgets. Let me know how you get on with the recipes. if you’re looking for a recipe in particular, I can either point you in trhe right direction, or if I haven’t got it, I will create a healthier, budget friendly version.

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