Gifted Products for my Coffee Club Series! All views are indeed my own!

Coffee is something I’m in LOVE with, I drink it daily and it gets me through work. I used to just get the instant coffee from my local supermarket and use that up, however, these days I’ve really improved my coffee game and I’m expanding my knowledge and tastes in coffee! Today I’ll be talking about the amazing Melitta® Epour®!

If you want good coffee, you’re going to need a good coffee machine. I will point out however coffee is not a one size fits all drink. My partner can’t drink coffee, it gives them a headache, so it’s only me who drinks it. So when I told them coffee doesn’t just come in instant form, they were amazed!

You can use instant coffee, ground coffee beans, coffee beans and so much more! Today, I will be talking about the Melitta® Epour® machine which takes ground coffee and makes an amazing cup of coffee to enjoy every day!

The Melitta® Epour® Coffee Machine Review

There are many things I love about the Epour® and all these reasons are why I’m going to be using the machine every month to showcase new coffee in my Coffee Club series.

The Epour® is super easy to use, coffee machines can be a pain to use, the instructions make no sense and you end up giving up in the end. This coffee machine stands out from the rest, it’s super easy to use and the instructions are foolproof but let’s face it, you won’t need them!

I think this Melitta® coffee machine has to be one of their best in my opinion. It’s made really well, built to perfection and doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall apart if I knock it by accident. The glass jug is made really well and fits into place smoothly and hasn’t got stuck yet, and trust me I’ve used it quite a few times!

The filters are easy to fit into place, they’re fairly cheap to buy, although I am wishing that Melitta® bring out a reusable filter in the future for eco purposes, that would be the icing on the cake!

The functions are easy to understand and the heat pad keeps your coffee at a nice decent temperature so that you can enjoy it over your morning or before you leave for work! I will say this is the best coffee machine if you’re working from home! Who doesn’t need a home coffee machine!

The Best Coffee For The Melitta® Epour®

If I’m going to get real here, decent coffee! I even use coffee beans with this coffee machine as I have a coffee grinder so I grind all my coffee beforehand. In the upcoming video, I’m using Black Insomnia coffee which tastes amazing when prepared with the Epour®.

However, I would suggest decent coffee, no nasty, cheap stuff from your local supermarket like the stuff I used to buy. You want something that’s bursting with taste and flavour to use on a coffee machine as fine as this one!

Have you got any coffee recommendations that I should try out with the Melitta® Epour® or are you just going to buy your own and tell me what you think about this amazing coffee machine! Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts!

Where To Buy Melitta® Epour®

If you’re looking to get your very own, you can get them via the Melitta® website, I would suggest buying one here so that you have the protection you need in case something goes wrong or it was to somehow break, buying from third party companies isn’t always as safe in my honest opinion.

The Melitta® Epour® is only £199.99, if you have purchased decent coffee machines in the past you’ll know that this is actually one the lower end of the price spectrum. I’ve ended up paying £300+ for coffee machines before in the past and they’ve never been as good.

As far as coffee machine reviews go, this is the one I’d get. I’ve seen other people raving about this machine and I can understand why!

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