3 Ways I Save Money Eating Out

Eating out can cost a bit of money which is why I’m always looking at saving money eating out. Having a meal at a restaurant can be a little expensive and I know a lot of people don’t eat out because of it, which is why I’m always looking for new ways to save money eating out at restaurants.

It’s important to eat out though, everyone needs a treat and a break from the hectic everyday lifestyle so I hope this post helps people to save money when they go out!

Restaurants With Reward Cards

One of the ways we like to eat out and save money is going to places that give a little something back, there aren’t many places that do this though so it’s important to find the places that do give you rewards for eating out. Here’s a little list of the places you can get something back when you eat there.

Nandos Reward Card

Nandos has a nifty reward card and it’s one of the reasons we keep eating out at Nandos. Everyone loves a cheeky Nandos right? With the Nandos reward card, you’ll be able to collect Nandos reward points on your bill if you spend £7 or more.

You can use your Nando reward points, or Nando chillis as they are on the app for food perks as you collect. You can redeem Nando reward points when you have 3, 6 or 10 chillis, trust me they soon add up when you’re eating out. Just make sure to use them and don’t let them expire after a year!

  • 3 Chillis – 1/4 Chicken or Fire-Starter.
  • 6 Chillis – 1/2 chicken or any single wrap, burger or pitta.
  • 10 Chillis – Whole chicken or single combo meal with regular sides.

TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays have a reward app that gives you stripes when you upload your receipt. You can get free appetizers and other free food from the app so it’s worth a download, plus the amount that some people spend when eating there means they’ll earn loads of stripes!

Restaurants With Offers

Another thing we look at are restaurants with current offers on. It’s great if you can get a meal for half the price or a free starter due to a promotion they have going on, restaurant promotions are a great way to save money and keep within your entertainment budget! Here’s a list of restaurants with offers.

TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays often have offers on which can save you money, I love the TGI Fridays offers to save money because you can get a lot more for your money, they also offer refill drinks which is something I’d recommend to everyone going!

You can get a free TGI Fridays cocktail if it’s your birthday along with some birthday cake which is great if you’re celebrating your big day, just make sure you’re over 18 in the UK! TGI Fridays also have offers such as Friday Feast menu – Get 2 courses for only £15.99, however, this is only run at select times so make sure it’s running before you visit the restaurant.


Sure not everyone goes to eat in Dominos but they still have offered almost every day of the week and various different offers depending on what part of the UK you live in! One of the best Dominos deals are the two for Tuesday where you can get two pizzas for the price of one, again this might change so check with your local dominos before you order or go into the restaurant! A take away is just as good as eating out, just in the comfort of your own home!

NUS Student Discount / Student Discount

I know this only applies to a certain population of the UK but a student discount is great, however, you need to make sure if the restaurant takes student discount (Student ID) or if they need to see an NUS card which a lot of places do. You can get money off various restaurants when you have an NUS card and if you’re able to get NUS discounts I’d advise it!

The NUS card is also now known as the Totum discount card so make sure you have the updated version, I believe you can still use your NUS cards until they expire. I’d also say to ask the restaurant if they take NUS discount / Totum discount before ordering as some have date restrictions and might not be accepting them at the time.

NUS Discount Restaurants (Correct May 2019)

  • Pizza Express 30% discount
  • Frankie and Benny’s 20% discount
  • Pizza Hut 20% discount
  • Zizzi 30% discount
  • Belgo up to 50% discount
  • Dominos 25% discount on orders over £25
  • Prezzo 25% discount

Restaurant Vouchers

This isn’t something everybody will like doing, however, if you’re like me and never know what you want for Christmas just ask your family for restaurant vouchers. You can get vouchers for almost all restaurants these days and even vouchers that have various restaurants on them so you can eat out anywhere you want.

Getting someone a nice restaurant gift card means you know they’re going to enjoy it and have a nice meal out, it also means you’re not buying someone rubbish they will throw away! One of the gift cards I’d recommend is the dining out gift cards as we’ve used them several times and had no issues!


These are just 3 ways we save money eating out and they’ve worked for various years now. Again not all of the ideas are going to fit everyone but I believe wherever you are in the UK you’ll have a restaurant that has an offer on and I’d suggest you go take a look if you want to save money eating out! Even KFC now has a KFC rewards app so take a look at that if you like take away as much as me!

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