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Cooking Conversion Guide

If you are anything like me, you will need this Cooking Conversion Guide because you will look at loads of recipes in books and online. You will see that there are various cooking weights, temperatures and liquid amounts which are shown in cups, lbs, fluid oz, grams, imperial, metric etc.

It get’s a bit confusing, especially if you only work in one measurement style.

So I thought I would make it a lot easier, it is something that I use all the time when I’m cooking.


Weight Conversion

I’ve tried to cover the common measurement styles and hopefully made it a little easier for you to follow.

I use this all the time when I am cooking, it means that half way through mixing or weight my ingredients, I’m not having to then jump on my phone and get an online converter to help. It also makes it so much easier if you are doubling up mixtures for when you are making a big batch.

Liquid Conversion

These really have helped me out, I hope that they come in use to you, as they have for me.

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