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In a mood? Try Get in the Mood Gourmet Coffee to start your day. You might have seen that every month I’ve been trying some new amazing coffee and telling you what I think about it, this month I’m doing a Get in the Mood coffee Review and trying it out! I’ve got things to say!

I want to start by saying a big thank you to everyone who comes and reads my coffee club posts every month, you mean the world to me! I drink coffee every morning and I love being able to show my support to coffee brands through these posts! Now let’s get on with the Get in the Mood coffee review shall we?

Get in the Mood Coffee Review

Why Get in the Mood Coffee?

You might be thinking, why use Get in the Mood coffee and not go with another brand that I’ve talked about? Well that’s a very good question and one of the reasons this Get in the Mood coffee reviews is so handy, because once you’re done you’ll never look back!

To kick it off, Get in the Mood is fun! Their packaging has a purpose and it just brightens up the day right? Personally if I was going to pair my husband with any of the coffee I’d say Hectic Hamster for sure! With their super personal packaging and exquisite flavours, there’s a coffee to suit everyone.

If you can’t decide what coffee will get you going in the morning or help you to relax after a hard day at work, they have a really handy coffee quiz on their website to give you the perfect match! So you won’t be buying coffee that doesn’t dazzle your taste buds!

Not only is their coffee fun and personalised, a little added extra that I love, you get free chocolate with your purchase! Conscious chocolate is super yummy and I’ve been eating it ever since I found a conscious chocolate review online and have not looked back since!

Are Get in the Mood Coffee Eco Friendly?

When I take a look at coffee and do a post like this Get in the Mood coffee review, I like to see how eco conscious a coffee brand really is and if they give back to the planet. It’s something I’m passionate about and so I want the brands I buy from to feel the same way, which I know a lot of my readers also do.

When taking a look about I wasn’t disappointed. There are loads of eco reasons as to why you should buy from Get in the Mood coffee, here are some. Their coffee bags and postal boxes are fully recyclable, so you won’t have plastic laying about in landfills for years!

Their roaster uses solar powdered appliances and their fabric gift bags that they sell on their website and made from organic cotton, are totally reusable and of course recyclable! So it obvious to see that Get in the Mood coffee are committed to a greener society! You can see more on their values page if you’re curious!

Get in the Mood Gourmet Coffee Review

Why Do I Love Get in the Mood Coffee?

So as I have said, they are eco friendly and that’s something I really look for when it comes to my purchases in life, not just with coffee. They have a brand, they have values and they have a personality that drives everything they do and it’s relatable and also makes the coffee that bit better.

I would like to point out that their coffee doesn’t hit you in the face unlike other coffee that I’ve tried. Of course with this Get in the Mood coffee review I’m going to be 110% honest and I know people aren’t a fan of coffee that isn’t mega strong but actually this coffee works really well.

I would say that it’s diverse and very versatile. I have even ground it down and used it in a couple of recipes, my coffee baked doughnuts recipe being one of them! After all you don’t want a flavour that’s overpowering and this one doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth all day either!

The Get in the Mood coffee does come in bean form but that’s not as issue, I use a grinder with my beans and still get the best flavour possible from all the coffee I’ve used from their selection so far!

Get in the Mood Coffee Review Extras!

My review post wouldn’t be complete without pointing out a few little extras that I love! If you check out their website you will see that they run discounts, free UK postage on all their amazing coffee subscriptions (which help you save money on your coffee) and of course the free chocolate that I talked about earlier.

They also have gift sets that you can purchase on their website and you are spoilt for choice that’s for sure! If anyone wants to send me one of the Get In The Mood Coffee Gifts, please do go ahead! It looks amazing, great value for money and would make any coffee lover VERY HAPPY!

Let me know if you’ve tried Get in the Mood coffee before or if you’ve found this Get in the Mood coffee review helpful and you’re now converted and going to give them a try! I’d love to know your thoughts for sure! Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter for more coffee club instalments!

Get in the Mood Gourmet Coffee

Don’t forget to follow my Coffee Club monthly feature for more amazing coffee! This get in the mood coffee review is just one of many and I can’t wait to show you even more new and exciting coffee in the future! Know of any coffee I should be trying, send me a message and I’ll give it a go!

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