Chocolate for cash

If you have loads of Christmas chocolate laying about the house after Christmas and just want to eat it in one go I think I have the thing you need! I’m sure after using all your Christmas money and Christmas budget up you might need to start saving again, which is why you need to start trading your Christmas chocolate at a price, getting the Christmas cash you need!

What Is Trading Christmas Chocolate For Cash?

It’s simple, find out what chocolate you have left and portion it up. You can use Chinese takeaway containers, which I always find the best option. Figure out what you’re putting in each tub and put a price on it! It can work for the whole family as well if you have teenagers that binge on chocolate, make them pay for it!

Why Is Trading Christmas Chocolate For Cash A Good Idea?

If you’re on the slimming world diet like me you don’t want to be using all your syns for the year in one night, which is why this little Christmas scheme is a great idea. If you got cash for Christmas this might be the best time to spend it and you can also regulate the syns you have if you put the syn count on the tubs.

Something that might be fun is starting a Christmas savings account and when you’re done trading your cold hard cash for chocolate you can put all the money into a savings account and either use it for the next Christmas or just let it grow till you have enough money to treat yourself big time!

Trading Christmas Chocolate For Cash, Don’t Cheat!

One bit of advice I would give is to have a padlock on the tin you’re putting the money into. You can also buy the money tins that you can’t open unless you cut into them, that way you won’t be tempted to spend the money. If you have someone in your house that doesn’t like chocolate make them the person who takes care of the chocolate and the one you have to go to so that you can buy a treat!


If you follow this with all your Christmas chocolate and Christmas sweets you’ll have saved money in no time. It’s easy to get carried away at Christmas time and eat everything in one go, trust me I’ve done it. So if you’re looking to save money at Christmas this is just the thing you need.

One bit of advice I’d give it make it affordable, but not too cheap. You don’t want a box of matchsticks going for 5p, make it a £1 instead. That way you’ll find yourself saving even more and possibly clearing out your sofa for change and making your living room even tidier!

If you have loads of other food leftovers in your kitchen from Christmas I’d suggest taking a look at my on How to use your Christmas leftovers and not waste all that food you have sitting about!

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