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Why Saving Money In The Kitchen Is Important?

Buying food can be expensive and unless you shop smart you might be paying way too much money on basic items. Nothing is free anymore and even if you think you’re getting a good deal, that might not be the case. There are loads of different ways to save money in the kitchen and ways to make sure what you do buy goes further. If you haven’t already I’d suggest taking a look at My 80 Ways to Save Money on Your Food Shop post for loads of little helpful tips to save money in the kitchen.

Shopping Smarter

From all the ways that I save money I have to say that shopping smarter is one of the best ways, I used to spend around £600 a month shopping in Asda for my monthly shop, I switched to Aldi and now I spend around £200 a month on food shopping. We all love cheap food shopping and I must admit changing supermarkets is one of the best things that I did to save me money. At the same time, the quality in food isn’t much different, sure you don’t get the big name brands that you would in Asda but the quality is still there and for less money. You can see some of the brands I switched in my supermarket value vs big brands post and let me know what you think!

Money Saving Ideas for the Kitchen

Meal Planning

Meal planning has literally saved me hundreds each month, I used to spend so much money when I did my shopping buying randoms items I didn’t even need. Saving money with meal planning has been amazing, I plan what I’m going to eat and I make sure I stick to a shopping list, this is one of the crucial ways I’ve saved money and I’d suggest everything meal plan to save money! You can see How Meal Planning Saved Me Over £400 a Month and start saving yourself!

Using The Reduced Section

Years ago I never used to visit the reduced section, I used the think the food had gone bad and I needed the fresh stuff just put out on the shelves, I was so wrong. I now get a lot of the food I buy from the reduced section and love seeing yellow labels when I find them. We have spent £30 on food before that should have cost almost £200! If you want to save money on your food shop each month I’d suggest looking in the reduced section, I will say you don’t want to end up spending too much though and getting fooled into the yellow sticker phase! If you want more information take a look at How Not To Overspend At The Reduced Section in The Supermarkets and keep saving money!

Freeze Foods

Make sure you freeze food, just because it’s near the use by date doesn’t mean it’s ready to be thrown away. Freese as much as you can so you have it handy in the future, this also helps with meal planning because you can see everything that you have and make meals from everything in your freezer. If you want a more detailed approach as to how I freeze my foods, follow the To Freeze or Not to Freeze – Vegetables and Fruit post for more tips!

Using Leftovers

I’ve spoken about freezing leftovers before, don’t throw anything away if you can help it. If you can make a lunch out of the leftover soup, do so! I’ve written a nifty post on How to use your Christmas leftovers and I feel everyone should be using their Christmas leftovers given half the chance, it means you’ve got plenty of food for various meals and we all know that January can be a difficult month for money so use what you’ve got in!

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