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Meal Plan Board

Money Saving Ideas for the Kitchen

So what are some of the best money saving ideas for the kitchen? How do you make things go further, last longer, etc etc.

Meal Plan Board

We live in a world where everything costs money, nothing is free, and that is so true in the kitchen. We all rush around with our busy lives with work, children (for those who have them), friends, socialising and so much more. We don’t seem to have time for much else. With us all being so busy, we buy food, pre-prepared stuff to make things “quicker” or “easier”, but one thing that we are failing on big time, is trying to save a little bit of money.


I have a few money saving tips that help me in the kitchen, they make my life easy, simple and save me a lot of the time, they are so much healthier than the pre-prepared processed stuff.


How to Save Money?

So what do I do to save money in my kitchen? Well it’s simple really, planning!! By that I mean I write a menu for each week, I then create a shopping list for the menu and only then buy what I need.

This means that I’ m not walking the isles of the supermarkets, looking for whatever takes my fancy, I have tried that and it usually costs me a lot more than it should. The only time I spend a bit more on my shopping is when I’m buying large packs for fruit / veg etc, check out my post “To Freeze or Not to Freeze“, that will explain everything about buying large quantities of fruit / veg.

Freezer of Veg

I also never go shopping unless I have eaten, I have found that when I shop and I’m hungry, I’ll spend more money of random rubbish that I see and fancy at the time, but don’t need at all.

So with planning and already having a lot of vegetables chopped and in the freezer, it takes the preperation for meals down to a minimum.

Why not try it out for yourself, have a look to see what you have in the freezer, cupboard, fridge and then make meals using up what you already have. you will be surprised by how much you already have in your kitchen, as well as how much you can save when you are in the supermarket.

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