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At Christmas, I’m sure I’m not the only one that buys way too much Christmas food, although to be fair it doesn’t cost me much thanks to the wombling I do throughout the year! However, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I always have a load of food left over even if I cook it all for Christmas! Which is why I wanted to put it into a post about making the most of Christmas leftovers!

Christmas Leftover Turkey Ideas

Every year I have leftover turkey, it’s just something that happens! If you want some leftover turkey recipes I have just the thing. Instead of making a Slimming World Cheese and Onion Pasty (Syn Free), why not add some turkey. How amazing does a slimming world cheese, turkey and onion pasty sound!

I’d also suggest making a syn free slimming world salad. You can use any leftover Christmas meat for this, it doesn’t have to be just turkey, I make a nice Slimming World Slow Cooker Diet Coke Gammon (2 syns) and I always have enough leftover to make a salad, just be sure of the syn count as the slow cooker diet gammon does have syns attached!

Leftover Christmas Cheese

Every year without fail I buy way too much cheese, which I really shouldn’t because it’s packed with syns! Christmas is the time of year to treat myself though and that’s just what I do. The great thing about the Christmas cheese that I buy is it comes with so many amazing flavours! Which means you can add it into something like Slimming World Syn Free Cheese Stuffed Beef Burgers and get a really nice taste when you bite into the burger!

You can also make some nice slimming world pasties at the same time with the cheese and bring out a really nice flavour, I have to say if we’re talking leftover recipes you can do pretty much anything in a pasty and it will taste amazing!

Leftover Christmas Vegetables

With vegetables, there are literally loads that can be done! I know however that people buy so much that the fridge is bursting, the offers in the supermarkets are too cheap to pass up right! Well, I’d suggest checking out my post on what foods can be frozen and seeing if you can freeze what you have!

Another option is to use them in a nice soup, I’d suggest making the Slimming World Red Pepper and Sweet Potato Soup if you have the right vegetables as it just tastes amazing. However, if you have a soup maker you can throw pretty much anything in there and you’ll get a really nice soup!

Christmas Sausage Meat Leftovers

DO NOT THROW THIS AWAY! I know so many people that throw it away and it makes me so sad. To begin with, you can freeze sausage meat and come back to it another day which is perfect for saving money and cutting down food waste. If you don’t want to freeze it I’d suggest making a Slimming World Low Syn Baked Meatballs to use it all up!

Why Use Christmas Leftover Food

It’s really important to use Christmas leftovers for various reasons. December and January can be really tight money wise and you can save loads of money by using the leftover food and making some really yummy recipes! You can also meal plan to make sure you use it all up and none go to waste!

You can also reduce food waste if you use your Christmas leftover recipes and you’re able to try out new recipes you might not have thought about before. Christmas dinner recipes can be found everywhere so why not try something new each year and have fun with the leftover Christmas food!


I think everyone should use their Christmas leftovers in various festive recipes, they don’t have to be festive of course! I know a lot of people want to get back to normal once Christmas is done and out the way. I hope you found these slimming world recipes helpful and I’m sure there are loads more that will help you use your festive food even longer!

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