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It’s October and I’m back with another amazing coffee club feature! If you didn’t know, each month I showcase some amazing coffee that I’m in love with, I drink coffee every morning before work to get me motivated and in the mood to actually leave the house and I share my favourites with you!

This month I’m talking about Melitta coffee, you might be thinking that name sounds familiar, well you’re right! At the start of my coffee club I posted my Melitta® Epour® Electronic Pour Over Filter Coffee Machine Review and it went down a storm. It’s also one of my most views YouTube videos! Today however I’m doing a Melitta coffee review!

Melitta Coffee Review

So Melitta makes some of the best coffee around in my opinion. As to now, all I’ve ever used are the Melitta coffee machines and I’d never actually tried any of their coffee. It wasn’t till now that I actually dove into the world of Melitta coffee to find out what coffee they actually produced and how nice it is!

So on the Melitta website, you’ll see that they have various products, their coffee however is mostly sold in 1kg bags and I have no problems with that! You might be thinking if they’re 1kg bags, how expensive is Melitta coffee? Actually, it’s fairly priced compared to other brands and well worth the money.

Take my favourite for example, the Melitta® Barista Crema Forte Coffee Beans, 1kg bag. The bag will cost you £17.99, I’ve paid £15 before for a 500g bag of coffee that I’ve liked so trust me, it’s great value for money!

How Does Melitta Coffee Taste?

It wouldn’t really be a Melitta coffee review if I didn’t talk about the taste, would it? I tried four of their coffees and have to say overall the taste is out of this world. The word incredible comes to mind when I talk about Melitta coffee, it’s like a cup of heaven in the morning that kick starts me for the rest of the day.

I fill up my coffee mug that I take to work and it keeps me going until lunch that’s for sure! I also take some into work for our local coffee machine and my colleagues have said this is the best coffee yet that I’ve taken into work, that’s saying something about the Melitta coffee flavour for sure!

Why I Love Melitta Coffee?

Isn’t it obvious, the taste is incredible and the price point is fair for the great quality coffee you’re getting. The coffee that I get however is all beans and the machine that I use takes ground which means I use a coffee grinder every morning but they’re affordable and totally easy to use!

I always like to use coffee in my recipes, Melitta coffee is really versatile and I’ve used it in a few recipes now. My favourite recipe to use Melitta coffee with however is this one and I prefer to use the Melitta® BellaCrema® coffee as it has that hint of chocolate that really brings out the flavour as well!

Melitta have a huge range of coffee, coffee machines and everything else you need to have the perfect cup of coffee any time of the day. I love Melitta, have been using their coffee machines for around 5 years now and you can bet I’m going to be using their coffee, I hope this Melitta coffee review has been helpful, one thing is for sure it’s got me hooked!

I’m also in love with their eco conscious coffee filters. I’m a big advocate for eco friendly products, I like to make sure the companies I buy from give back to the environment and actually care about the planet and I can safely say in my Melitta coffee review that Melitta is on the right path in that respect!

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