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Every month I’m going to be bringing you some fantastic coffee. I use all my coffee with my amazing Melitta® Epour® coffee machine so you know all the coffee that I’m talking about, I love myself!

This month I’m talking about Lost Sheep Coffe. It’s a coffee I’ve used before but not when they had so many great flavours for everyone to enjoy. Lost Sheep Coffee was kind enough to send me a range of their flavoured beans and I couldn’t wait to try them.

My amazing Melitta coffee machine only takes ground coffee, however, so I treated myself to a nice little coffee grinder to make sure that I could enjoy it in the morning before I run off to work, and enjoy it I do.

Lost sheep Coffee Selection

Lost Sheep Coffee

So if you don’t know who Lost Sheep coffee are, here’s your chance to learn something new and discover some flavourful coffee along the way. They have a huge range on their website, I personally love their hand-roasted coffee and that’s the one I love drinking!

You can get 11 varied flavours currently but I have no doubt that they’ll be bringing out more exciting combinations very soon! If you’re like me and working from home at the moment, this coffee is bound to wake you up in the morning.

If you’re looking for suggestions because you’re spoilt for choice, I’d say take a look at the toffee and milk chocolate coffee, it’s so rich and the taste stays which is only going to make you want even more!

Their shop also offers other products you can buy, I have one of their yellow Lost sheep bags and I can’t get it enough and I really want one of their La Marzocco – The Linea Mini, you can tell it’s top-quality just from the price, I’ll take mine in yellow!

Lost Sheep Coffee Taste

One of the things I look out for when it comes to coffee is the taste. If the taste is gone within seconds of drinking, I don’t want it. I want something that’s going to stick around, something that I can savour and make me want to drink even more.

Lost Sheep delivers just that, the morning pick me up, the cup of coffee to get you through the day and the relaxing cuppa at the end of the day when you’re done with work. It’s no wonder their Get To The Hopper Blend | Chocolate Caramel Sweetness is a best seller, I used mine within a week and couldn’t get enough.

I’m trying something new at the moment and I thought I’d put together a little trailer for their coffee because it’s worth it for sure! Take a look at my YouTube Channel and the video below to see more! Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube so you can discover more great coffee!

Lost Sheep Coffee Subscription

So you might love coffee and now found that you love Lost Sheep coffee as much as I do and that’s fantastic, how did you ever live without it right? That being said we’re all forgetful and that’s why I love their coffee subscription!

You can get a Lost Sheep subscription, you can get coffee beans and coffee capsules on subscription so you’ll never have to worry about ordering them and running out! What’s not to like?!

So let me know if you have tried Lost Sheep coffee, are you already hooked or have I helped you find a new coffee that you’re going to fall in love with? Little disclaimer, their coffee is so good you might get hooked and want to try all the flavours as I did.

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