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You’re here so I’m guessing you want to know how to be a frugal foodie, join the frugal foodie’s movement or get some tips on how to be a better frugal foodie? Either way, welcome to the club, we like to cut down on food waste and save money in the kitchen where we can. There are loads of benefits to being a frugal chef or just someone who likes to keep their kitchen in top condition!

What Are Frugal Foodies?

A frugal foodie is someone who wants to save money in the kitchen. I’d recommend taking a look at these 23 ways to save money in the kitchen to get started on your journey as well. If you want to be a frugal foodie you’re going to want to look at all areas in the kitchen, that means meals, equipment and everything else that takes place in the kitchen!

How To Become A Frugal Foodie?

Simple, take a look at the different areas in the kitchen and find out where you can cut down the money you’re spending. Find some nice budget recipes that you can cook throughout the month until payday and buy the right kitchen equipment that’s going to last, remember cheap isn’t always best!

According to the Office of National Statistics, they conducted a report on the average household spend. The average household spend is £528.90 per week!! Now I know before I settled down with my partner, my shopping spend per month for 1 person would have been £300+ per month. Before you ask why so high, I would have to say that is down to my parents, I used to all the top brands of everything and nothing was ever an issue. So if I kept that up, my shopping cost would have increased by about 40% based upon current supermarket prices (this is based on Tesco prices).

I’d also suggest looking into free food apps and cashback apps such as the CheckoutSmart app that will give you food either free or discounted with cashback!

Frugal Foodie Myths

I know a lot of people think that if you’re going to be a frugal foodie you’ll not have the quality you want, not true. Just because you shop from shopping at Asda and switch to Aldi doesn’t mean food quality is going to be less, in fact, I prefer Aldi to Asda for a lot of food.

Being a frugal foodie is not about starving yourself or going without, it is about thinking that bit more about what you are doing with food. The UK has always been a nation that buys to excess, we end up throwing away 4.4 million tonnes of food that could have been used, instead, we threw it away for one reason or another. This is not sustainable, we need to change this and seriously.

How Am I A Frugal Foodie?

In my kitchen, I like to make sure everything is on point. Let’s start with cleaning. I like to make sure the cleaning is up to date and everything is tidy, for several reasons. If a kitchen is clean and tidy it’s easier to find the items you need and it means you’re more likely to use products up and not buy the stuff you already have.

I like to use reusable products, tubs, metal straws and other handy products needed in the kitchen. I also use a slow cooker, often. With a slow cooker, I’m more likely to use up vegetables that we have in the fridge and not throw them away, cutting down food waste in the process. Some of these items might be a little out of budget but cheap isn’t always the better option and buying a more expensive item that will last years will cut down costs in the long run.

I also prepare by watching certain programs on TV, these deal with spending money better, finding the right products and how to buy better food for the kitchen, you can find a list of the top money saving TV programs here and pick up some new tips along the way!


It can actually be rather fun being a frugal foodie, I love rushing to the reduced section in supermarkets and finding what bargains I can get, at the same time I love the rewards and treats I can get when I’ve saved money each month.

If you’re thinking about being a frugal foodie make sure you follow the important steps and save money each month! Remember don’t buy carrier bags and keep some in the back of your car so you don’t end up spending 50p a time on bags every time you go shopping!

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