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How to be a Frugal Foodie

If you are wondering how and why to be a frugal foodie, well that is very simple really. We have all seen the news, the change in prices in the shops and the fact that now everything is costing so much more, but most people are not getting paid much more, if any, benefits changing, changes to near enough everything.

I’m hoping that by you reading this, you agree that we need to look at our outgoings and make some changes, some drastically. We need to find ways to make savings and / or cut backs to our spending.


I have a facebook group that will help you keep up to speed with frugal food ideas, money saving tips and advice. Why not pop over and check it out.


According to the Office of National Statistics, they conducted a report on the average household spend. The average household spend is £528.90 per week!! Now I know before I settled down with my partner, my shopping spend per month for 1 person would have been £300+ per month. Before you ask why so high, I would have to say that is down to my parnets, I was use to all the top brands of everything and nothing was ever an issue. So if I kept that up, my shopping cost would have increased about 40% based upon current supermarket prices (this is based on Tesco prices).

Since being with my partner, I seen a lot of errors of my ways and changed a lot of what I personally buy. Now our monthly food shopping spend is £200.

So with the rising costs and prices of a food shop, what do you do to make some changes to make sure you don’t overspend?  Especially in a nation where there are more and more people resulting to using a food bank.

This is why I’m being a frugal foodie. We need to make sure that we look after our money, live in less and making the right decisions when living on a budget.

Does this mean that you have to consume less? Personally I wouldn’t say so, I think it is about being smart with your money, planning meals, sticking to your budget, saving any left over budget and making use of shopping apps (Checkout Smart and Shopmium).


Being a frugal foodie is not about staving yourself or going without, it is about thinking that bit more about what you are doing with food. The UK has al;ways been a nation that buys to excess, we end up throwing away 4.4 million tonns of food that could have been used, instead we threw it away for one reason or another. This is not sustainable, we need to change this and seriously.

How am I a frugal foodie and how can you be too?

This is where you need your thinking caps on. First of all we need to do a stock take in the kitchen. This is literally getting everything out of the cupboards, fridges, freezers and making a list of everything that you have. Also you can have a good clear out and re-organise everything to make more space.

Secondly you need to plan your meals, work out what you will be making each and every day for lunches and dinners, you MUST stick to this.


Now you have your lunch and dinners planned, work out what ingredients you need for all meals and from your original stock list, see what you need and don’t need.

This will mean that you have a plan, you can now budget your shopping and start being a frugal foodie.


When I go shopping, I have my shopping list, I will be honest, I do deviate ever so slightly on my shopping, but I have good reason, this is what helps me be frugal. I go to on of my supermarkets and get there just before they make the extremely cheap reductions on fruit, vegetables, bread and other goods. I do end up with a variety of things from loads of fruit (usually strawberries, raspberries etc) and vegetables (potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, salad etc). So instead of paying 80p for a bag of carrots, I can get them for 20p, so I’ve saved myself 60p.

OK, I will buy a few bags and prepare them and freeze them, this means that I end up with a very full freezer. Check out my To Freeze or Not to Freeze post. You’ll see why I think this is the right thing to do.

How else do I try and save money on my food shopping? Now there is a TV show called Eat Well for Less, this show has shown me that there are some really good swaps that are better than the branded ones you may be purchasing. This is what I have been doing, swapping current brands to a cheaper alternative. Granted, some of the swaps do not work, but you know what 95% of my swaps have been right and something that I still stick to now.


What I’m not saying is that you should swap everything all at once, do this over a period of time, change something every week to try it out, if you and / or the family like it, keep the swap, if not, try a different swap or revert back to the original. I have swapped tomato ketchup, fish fingers, beans, tea bags, bread and a lot more. One of the swaps I did try was a wheat based breakfast cereal, I wasn’t a fan, so have gone back to my original. Overall by doing this, I have saved enough money to now only spend £200 per month on food for 2 adults.

Try out some of these little little tips, they may be really helpful, they sure worked for me. Check out the facebook group for loads more recipe ideas, frugal and money saving tips and advice.

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