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One of the hardest parts about being on a diet is that you can’t have anything naughty. That is where slimming world makes things very different, not only can you have some naughty treats, but there are some fantastic recipes so you can make healthier versions of your favourite takeaways without having to spend excessive money or have it full of crap. If you like a good takeaway, I’m sure a doner kebab may be on that list, well if it is, you need to STOP buying it from the

I love a traditional cottage pie, it’s a perfect treat for the whole family and I remember my mum cooking it all the time as a child and how I’d love to come home from school to smell it filling up the house! Now I’m older I love making my own cottage pie, although this time it’s a slimming world cottage pie! Slimming World Cottage Pie When it comes to slimming world food I just had to make a cottage pie, I don’t think I could live without a yummy

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