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When you think of Christmas Gift Guides, you don’t normally think about coffee. Well, why not? When you start thinking of Christmas presents, most people start thinking about socks, chocolate, slippers, books and that sort of thing. If you love coffee, why not something coffee related?

I LOVE coffee, I have a coffee machine at home, which I take in a travel mug to work, as the office coffee is, well, not to the same standard. It is one of those drinks that I have every day. I have coffee bags at work. I’m never without a good coffee.

Little’s Better Than Coffee

I love discovering new coffee and the amazing flavours that you can get. Coffee Friend does just that, they bring new flavours to the table that I’ve not tried before and I have to admit, I love them and you can bet they’ll be in a coffee club article soon! If you’re thinking about trying something new this year or gifting someone some of the best coffee on the market, Little’s is a contender for sure!

If you’re a bit cautious about try new coffee, Coffee Friend have a range of Little’s Coffee, including the ones pictured below! Get it from Coffee Friend and be cautious no more.

Coffee Advent calendar Coffee Friend Premium (coffee beans)

Looking for an amazing Coffee advent this year? I have just the one you’re going to love. Each day you have a unique coffee flavour which come in beans so you know they’re fresh as can be. There’s only 24 days worth but that’s fine because let’s face it, you’ll be too busy on Christmas day to even have a chance to make a drink.

The coffees packed away in these boxes are rich, flavourful and a magical expierence to have every day on your run up to Christmas. I’ve tried a lot of coffee and these are some of the best. Get yours here.

Beanies Coffee My Beanies Stash

Beanies Coffee “My Beanies Stash” is an excellent Christmas gift for coffee lovers who appreciate the rich and indulgent flavours of gourmet coffee. This carefully curated collection includes a variety of delicious coffee flavours, offering a delightful journey for the taste buds. With options like Chocolate Orange, Amaretto Almond, and Caramel Popcorn, it provides an exciting coffee experience that adds a touch of warmth and comfort to the holiday season. The charming packaging makes it a thoughtful and enticing gift that promises to make every coffee break a moment of joy and indulgence.

What makes “My Beanies Stash” an exceptional Christmas gift is its versatility and ability to bring the cozy ambiance of a coffee shop into the recipient’s home. Whether it’s given to a coffee connoisseur or someone looking to explore new flavours, this collection offers a delightful and aromatic experience. It’s a gift that celebrates the simple pleasures of life, making it perfect for spreading warmth and comfort during the holiday season. Give the gift of gourmet coffee flavours and comfort with “Beanies Coffee My Beanies Stash” this Christmas.

Beanies Vanilla Hazelnut Filter Coffee and Coffeway COFFEE BAGS

Beanies Vanilla Hazelnut Ground Coffee and CoffeeWay CoffeeBays are a delightful duo of coffee products that make an excellent Christmas gift for coffee enthusiasts. Beanies Vanilla Hazelnut Ground Coffee offers a decadent and aromatic blend of flavours that adds a touch of indulgence to each cup. With its rich and creamy notes, it’s perfect for creating a cozy and inviting coffee experience during the holiday season. Complementing this is CoffeeWay CoffeeBays, a set of premium coffee capsules designed to fit Nespresso machines. These capsules offer an array of delicious flavours and are a convenient way to enjoy high-quality coffee with minimal effort. The variety of coffee blends ensures that there’s a flavour to suit every coffee lover’s taste. Together, these two products provide an exciting and flavourful journey through the world of coffee, making them a thoughtful and enjoyable gift for Christmas.

What makes Beanies Vanilla Hazelnut Ground Coffee and CoffeeWay CoffeeBays an exceptional Christmas gift is their focus on quality, flavour, and the joy of coffee. These products offer a delightful experience that goes beyond the ordinary cup of coffee, allowing recipients to savour and explore a range of gourmet flavours. Whether it’s for a coffee connoisseur or someone simply looking to elevate their coffee game, this duo enhances the holiday season with warmth, comfort, and the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Give the gift of a coffee experience with Beanies and CoffeeWay, making Christmas mornings and gatherings all the more delightful and memorable.

Pact Coffee – Coffee Advent Calendar

The Pact Coffee Coffee Advent Calendar is a delightful and caffeine-infused Christmas gift for coffee lovers seeking a unique and flavourful way to count down to the holiday. This advent calendar features 25 different speciality coffee sachets, each with a distinct and delicious blend sourced from around the world. It offers coffee aficionados the opportunity to explore a new coffee variety each day, enhancing their daily coffee ritual with delightful surprises. With a range of aromatic flavours and origins, this advent calendar adds an element of anticipation and discovery to the holiday season, making it the perfect gift for those who appreciate the art of coffee and love to savour a daily dose of aromatic joy.

What makes the Pact Coffee Coffee Advent Calendar an outstanding Christmas gift is its ability to combine the excitement of the holiday season with the pleasure of discovering exceptional coffee flavours. This gift caters to coffee enthusiasts and provides a daily ritual of comfort and delight, elevating the holiday season’s coffee experience. Whether it’s given to a dedicated coffee connoisseur or someone looking to explore new coffee varieties, this advent calendar adds a touch of warmth and adventure to the holiday mornings, ensuring that each day leading up to Christmas is met with the aroma of freshly brewed happiness.

Lost Sheep Coffee

Embrace the rich and robust flavours of Lost Sheep Coffee with their enticing blends like “Get to the Hopper” and “Big & Bold.” These coffees aren’t just beverages; they’re aromatic journeys that tantalise the senses and invigorate the soul. “Get to the Hopper” boasts a velvety smoothness with hints of caramel and nuts, offering a delightful escape in every sip, while “Big & Bold” lives up to its name with a powerful punch of intense, dark flavours that awaken your palate. Each blend is meticulously crafted, ensuring that every morning brew is an experience that transcends mere caffeine intake, offering a moment of indulgence and joy.

However, the real gem in Lost Sheep Coffee’s arsenal is their specialty for Christmas – Father Sheepmas. This limited-edition blend is the epitome of holiday cheer in a cup, boasting festive notes of spices, Warming Mince Pies, Brandy Butter & Figgy Pudding, and a hint of seasonal magic. Father Sheepmas isn’t just a beverage; it’s a celebration in every sip, encapsulating the joyous spirit of Christmas mornings and cozy winter nights. Whether shared with loved ones or savored in solitary tranquility, this blend embodies the warmth and happiness of the holiday season, making every cup a delightful experience filled with merriment

You can get this fantastic coffee directly from the Lost Sheep Coffee site.

Ueshima Coffee 

Ueshima Coffee offers a splendid range of coffee options, from beans to ground coffee and convenient coffee pods, making it a versatile and thoughtful Christmas gift for coffee lovers. These premium coffee products are known for their rich and nuanced flavours, sourced from the world’s finest coffee beans. Whether the recipient prefers to grind their beans, brew a fresh cup of ground coffee, or enjoy the convenience of coffee pods, Ueshima provides a gourmet coffee experience that’s second to none. By gifting Ueshima Coffee products, you’re offering the recipient the opportunity to savour the artistry of coffee from the comfort of their own home, ensuring that their holiday mornings are filled with the warm and inviting aroma of freshly brewed joy.

What makes Ueshima Coffee Beans, Ground Coffee, and Coffee Pods an exceptional Christmas gift is their commitment to quality and flavor. These products cater to coffee connoisseurs who appreciate the sophistication of gourmet coffee and the convenience of modern brewing methods. Ueshima’s dedication to sourcing and roasting premium coffee beans ensures that each cup is a delightful and aromatic experience. Whether it’s gifted to someone who enjoys experimenting with coffee brewing techniques or simply craves the perfect cup of joe, Ueshima Coffee offers a gift that adds a touch of luxury and pleasure to the holiday season, making it a memorable and cherished present for coffee lovers.

Tropical Sun Crunchy Coffee Peanuts

Tropical Sun Crunchy Coffee Peanuts are a delectable and unique Christmas gift that combines the rich flavours of coffee and roasted peanuts for a delightful taste experience. These crunchy and flavourful peanuts are infused with the aromatic essence of coffee, creating a fusion of nuttiness and the invigorating kick of caffeine. They serve as a satisfying and energising snack that’s perfect for holiday gatherings, cozy moments by the fire, or as a thoughtful stocking stuffer. This gift is not just a treat for the taste buds but also a conversation starter, offering a novel flavour that ignites the senses and adds a touch of culinary adventure to the holiday season.

What makes Tropical Sun Crunchy Coffee Peanuts an exceptional Christmas gift is their ability to introduce a new and exciting flavour to the recipient’s palate, making the holiday season a time of culinary exploration and indulgence. This gift caters to those who appreciate the fusion of sweet and savoury flavours and enjoy trying unique and inventive snacks. By gifting these peanuts, you’re not only offering a delightful and memorable taste experience but also adding a dash of gourmet intrigue to the holiday festivities. It’s a thoughtful and enjoyable present that ensures that the Christmas season is met with a burst of flavour and a hint of coffee-inspired indulgence. These are available from Amazon.

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Löfbergs Coffee

Gifting coffee is the gift that keeps on giving. Your loved one is going to remember it for many weeks to come when they’re suffering through an early morning and enjoying some sensational Löfbergs Coffee to wake themselves up with.

There are loads of reasons why gifting Löfbergs Coffee for Christmas is an excellent idea. The flavours are rich, satisfying and as Löfbergs only use the highest quality ingredients you know that your loved one will have a premium expierence with every gulp. Not only does Löfbergs taste great but they only source their ingredients from ethical providers.

Get your Löfbergs Coffee here.

Belleek Living Love, Hope, Peace, Joy Cappuccino Cups

The Belleek Living Love, Hope, Peace, Joy Cappuccino Cups are more than just vessels for your favourite coffee; they’re miniature works of art that infuse your morning ritual with sentiments of warmth and positivity. Picture these delicately crafted cups adorned with elegant designs, each representing a powerful emotion—love, hope, peace, and joy. Their porcelain elegance is a canvas for intricate detailing, inviting you to savour your coffee or cappuccino in a vessel that embodies a symphony of emotions. With every sip, these sentiments envelop you, transforming your morning routine into a mindful moment of reflection and appreciation.

What sets these cappuccino cups apart is their ability to elevate the ordinary into something extraordinary. Not only do they hold your favourite beverage, but they also serve as visual reminders of the beautiful emotions that enrich our lives. Whether you’re starting the day in quiet solitude or sharing a coffee moment with loved ones, these cups bring a touch of artistry and sentimentality to your table, inviting you to embrace each sip with a sense of gratitude and harmony.

These are available from Belleek.

Christmas Gift Guides

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