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*[ad] The items found in this gift guide have been gifted, some links are affiliates.

Christmas is the best time of the year, family and friends come together, share some gifts and have a lovely time enjoying great food and drinks. 2020 has been such a challenge for everyone with the pandemic, we have not been able to see family and friends and its been touch.

That is why Christmas needs to be special, it has to be the best it can be to make up for such a difficult year, which is why I’ve put together this gift guide to give you some ideas what you can give or want this Christmas.

Mainline Menswear

It can be difficult to find the right piece of clothing for the man in your life. Mainline has a full range of clothing including jeans, t-shirts, accessories and so much more. Check out there website to have a look at everything that they have on offer. I’ve got some lovely bits which will be going into my stocking, that’s for sure.

Mainline Menswear have something for all shapes and sizes, so you will find something for everyone.

Now Mainline Menswear have really got into the Christmas spirit with Matt’s Cafe, they are running a competition for one of my amazing readers to win a prize, check out the competitions to find out more.

Ink and Drop

If you want to make a room feel more personalised and have some art, you must get some of the prints available only at Ink and Drop. The prints are great and there are so many to choose from including neon, animal, black and white and so so much more. You MUST check out the website for more.

I actually have a couple of these prints and if you haven’t guessed, these have pride of place in my kitchen. Well, where else would I put these amazing prints? Now if you want to get yourself one or some of these prints, head over to there website, or if you’re feeling lucky, head over and check out the competition to find out more.

Skates and Scooters

You’re never too old for roller skates, roller blades, skateboards or scooters and if anyone tells you that I’m wrong, then show them who has these for all ages!!

Now if you’re wondering what the best thing to get, that is all down to the individual, as you can see, I got the scooter and OMG, this has to be one of the best things that I have ever had.

Now the Frenzy 230MM Recreational Scooter V2 is so much fun, I have used it from scooting to work to the shops and if I could, I would use it around my flat. I absolutely love it and its so much fun. Go on and treat that special someone to a scooter, roller skates, roller blades, or skateboards.

Helly Hansen Lifa Active Solen Hoodie

Finding a good hoodie is always a challenge and it can be a pain getting the right style, fit, and/or colour. I always struggle to find decent hoodies, well that was until I discovered the Helly Hansen Lifa Active Solen Hoodie. This is one of the best hoodies that I have bought, the fit is perfect and it is very comfortable. When I’m not at work, I am wearing this hoodie often.

Now if you have someone who you struggle to buy clothing for, you need to check out the Helly Hansen Solen range and get this hoodie, it does come in 2 colours, black and white. Personally I always go with black as I don’t trust myself in any white clothing (I cook and can be a little messy), so would hate to ruin a lovely hoodie.

Pulse Gallery Star Wars Print

Christmas must be special this year and there is nothing more special then a limited edition print from their favourite film or show. Well Pulse Gallery have a range of fantastic prints including Disney, Marvel, The Simpsons, Star Wars and so much more, check out the range on there website.

As you can see, this is a limited edition Star Wars print, I have not seen anything like this before and especially not to this quality. You know when you have a Pulse Gallery print, you are getting quality and something most people won’t have the same as you. This is certainly a treat for any Star Wars fans. May the Force be with you.

Balade en Provence – Bars for Men

Men like to look, feel and smell nice, that is why more and more men are spending more money on products. If you’re wondering what would be good for the man in your life, think outside the box and look away from the standard cosmetic retailers.

Balade en Provence have a fantastic range for men including solid bar shampoo, body wash, shaving soap and more. These would make perfect stocking fillers or collectively as a gift under the tree this Christmas.

You can buy the Balade en Provence directly from their website, get your orders in so you receive this in plenty of time for Christmas.

Bluebeard Revenge

It’s all well and good eating and drinking well this christmas, but you need to look after yourself and look good too, that is why you need to treat yourself to some top quality grooming products. Gone are the days where you use “gel” that was in strange colours from back in the 90’s.

Bluebeards Revenge has a top of of products including Matt Clay, Matt Paste, Razors and even Eau De Toilette , you need to check out there website for all the male grooming products that is available and would not be out of place under the Christmas tree this year.

While you’re thinking about the hair products, I have to point out, I was introduced to Bluebeards Revenge by my other half and I have to say I have not looked back. The Matt Paste is all I use in my hair and I never have an issue. Now the Eau De Toilette is something new and I have to say it is great for an everyday use aftershave. Go check them out.

If you fancy winning some Bluebeards Revenge products, check out the competitions to find out more.

Buy a Gift / Red Letter Days – Axe Throwing

Now Christmas is all fun with the food, drink, films and whatnot on the television, but why does it have to be the same? Why not make it a little more interesting?

Well you can, all you need is some inspiration. If you have that person who is difficult to buy for, I know I am one of those types of people, they why not give the gift of an experience. If you’re wondering what I mean, Buy a Gift and Red Letter Days have some fantastic experiences including chocolate making, pottery classes, drawing classes, car track days, weekends away and if you want a bit more of a thrill, why not axe throwing!!

Yes you hear me correctly, Axe Throwing, this is what I am planning on doing. Why not give or ask for an experience gift, let someone else pick an idea for you to try. It could be exciting and you may enjoy it.

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