Top Etsy Picks for christmas 2023 - food related etsy products

Christmas can be a pain depending on what you’re looking for. Personally, I love browsing and shopping on Etsy as they have so many amazing, handmade, unique and thoughtful gifts you can get people. I wanted to share my top picks for Christmas 2023 on Etsy for all the products I love and wouldn’t mind getting for Christmas.

Take a look at some of my amazing suggestions, if I do say so myself and get someone something truly amazing this Christmas. If you want something that’s one of a kind, I have the products you want!

100 Bakes Scratch Off Poster | Baking Bucket List

If you couldn’t tell by now I love baking, it’s one of my favourite things to do and making cookies is like my therapy. This baking scratch off poster is perfect for people who love baking but can never make up their mind. It’s an amazing gift, a lot of fun and gives you a lot more motivation to get baking, what’s not to love!

It’s also super affordable and would make an amazing gift for anyone who loves baking and you just need to make sure that they have somewhere to hang it. Maybe on their fridge with some magnets if they have a big fridge that is. Take a look below and see what you think, or order your 100 Bakes Scratch Off Poster Here.

Personalised Cupcake Apron

This apron is adorable. It’s an amazing customised gift for anyone who loves baking, you can have any wording you want on there and I really want one this Christmas, I have hinted to all my friends and family. The thing is I’d have Matt’s Cafe on there in a heartbeat but never want to use it because it looks so cute and I wouldn’t want to get it dirty.

It’s affordable, you can have it look however you want and it’s super cute. It would make the perfect gift for any avid baker in your life and it’s something they’d never expect. Take a look on Etsy to get your own Personalised Cupcake Apron!

Etsy also have loads of other aprons that you can pick from, take a look at the list below for more inspiration!

All in the Aroma Spice Set| 15 Different handmade spices

I love using a whole host of spices in my dinners. One of the recipes I love using different spices on happens to be these air fryer chips that I make from scratch. If you’re like me and love using different spices in your recipes to give them a nice kick, you have to take a look at this 15 set of handmade spices, everything you need to make dinner special.

Yes, you can buy spices from your local supermarket if you want but they’re never prepared and displayed like this, it’s not as unique and this is a gift to show you care and want someone to know you thought of them and love their meals. Get your All In The Aroma Spice Set on Etsy and spoil yourself or someone you love!

Personalised premium wooden spoon – Star Baker

Anyone else love GBBO? This personalised wooden spoon means your loved one or you yourself can be star baker every time they bake something, how amazing and cool is that! I always love seeing people get star baker on the show and although I won’t be getting that special handshake, I’ll have something equally as yummy to eat when they come out the oven.

If you want someone to know that they’re your star baker, you need to get them this Personalised Premium Wooden Star Baker Spoon from Etsy, enough said!

If you’re looking for more personalised baking spoons or equipment from Etsy, take a look at some of the suggestions below!

Personalised Baking Tin

As someone who is forever taking in baked goods that I’ve made myself into work, I love this. It ensures everyone knows who brought the delicious treats in and it means you get all of the brownie points, pun intended. It looks super sweet, the design is amazing and it’s the perfect gift for any bakers.

Make sure you check the size of the tin before you purchase as you might make amazing, huge cakes that might not fit. If you want to get yourself or someone else one, take a look at this Personalised Baking Tin from Etsy.

Looking for other suggestions for customised baking tins? Take a look at the other amazing baking tins below from Etsy.

Chocolate Brownie Mix (Also Gluten Free Options)

Who doesn’t love brownies? I adore them, I can never make them quite right but they still turn out amazing! If you’re looking to gift someone the ultimate brownie package or want to make amazing brownies yourself, you have to get this chocolate brownie mix, it looks amazing.

With the mixture in the jar, it looks incredible, you might not even want to make it and just display it! They also have a gluten-free brownie mix which is perfect for people who can’t tolerate gluten. Take a look at the Chocolate Brownie Mix on Etsy and try it for yourself!

If you’re looking for other amazing jar mixes then you can find them on Etsy that’s for sure! Take a look at some of the suggestions below for more options!

Funny Baker’s Mug

Know anyone that loves a cuppa when they’re baking, great! I have some amazing personalised mug suggestions, however this one has to be my favourite. I bake because punching people is frowned upon, on a mug! It’s genius and totally true, which is a shame.

You have to get this mug for a friend, family member or for yourself because why shouldn’t you treat yourself? Take a look at the Funny Bakers Mug on Etsy!

Looking for more suggestions when it comes to personalised mugs for bakers? Great, take a look at some of the ideas below and buy someone something quirky!

Baking Products from etsy

I would love to know what baking products you’ve got from Etsy! Have you gifted anyone something truly amazing from Etsy or do you just like to buy stuff for yourself!

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