Coffee Friend Coffee Club Review

Gifted products are included, all opinions are my own.

It’s been a while since I did a Coffee Club post, after moving house it’s not been easy to keep up with everything and I got some amazing coffee for my birthday so I’m working through that. However, I’m now back with some amazing coffee from Coffee Friend and I have some things to say about it.

As you know I’m brutally honest in my reviews, if there’s something I love I’ll say it and I’ll equally say if there’s something I don’t like. So although I was gifted this coffee, I’m not holding back on my opinion. I would however, love to know if you’ve tried any of the coffee in this post and what you thought about it?

Who Are Coffee Friend?

Coffee Friend is on a mission to weave the aromatic tapestry of coffee into the fabric of your daily moments. Whether you’re nestled at home in your cosy haven or immersed in the buzzing energy of your workplace, they’re dedicated to crafting and curating experiences that elevate your coffee journey.

Their passion goes beyond mere brewing; it’s about creating a symphony of flavours that dance on your palate, a ritual that turns each sip into a moment of indulgence and joy. They’re your companions in this flavourful adventure, guiding you through the rich diversity of beans, brewing techniques, and the artistry behind the perfect cup.

From the comforting embrace of your favourite armchair to the bustling rhythm of your office, they want to be the catalyst that transforms these spaces into havens of coffee bliss. Their commitment lies in ensuring that every sip you take transcends the mundane, offering you a passport to the world of exquisite tastes and aromatic pleasures.

What are some good instant coffee that coffee friend has?

If you’re looking for a coffee brand that pour their heart and soul into their coffee over decades of hard work, you should consider Little’s Bigger Than Coffee! Their prives are affordable compared to other companies on the mass market and their flavours actually taste nice and don’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

When it comes to Little’s products they have something for every coffee lover. They have their instant range, their own capsules and their own merchendise and gifts. You can also order a Podback bag which means you can send the capsules back to them and for free. You can do your bit for the enviroment while enjoying coffee, what’s not to love?

Are Little’s Bigger Than Coffee Eco-Friendly?

Yes, loads of coffee brands are starting to wake up to the fact that people want to purchase from eco-friendly companies, that doesn’t mean they all do it though. Little’s have an amazing free service where you can send your capsules back free of charge to have them recycled. It helps the planet and makes the coffee that little bit richer with every sip. Don’t forget you can recylce their jars and lids at home.

Their products are vegan and gluten free which I love to see, their packaging is recylable as well and they care about their products and where they’re going to end up, after all we don’t need more in landfill.

It’s plain to see that the Little’s Coffee company care about the planet just as much as they do about their coffee. If you’re looking for a sustainable coffee, try Little’s.

Why Do I Love Little’s Bigger Than Coffee?

Where do I start? I love finding an eco coffee brand that actually do something for the planet and that’s exactly what they do with all of their products. You also don’t have to just buy via their websites (although if you do then they get more profit so keep that in mind) you can get their coffee from various stores both big and small, so take a look next time you do your shopping!

I personally don’t love flavoured coffee, some companies get it so wrong but I can see why it’s a bestsellers pack they have to offer; the flavour is intense and just lights up each tastebud in my mouth. Seriously I can’t get enough and you don’t have to use heaps of it to get the flavour you want.

Little’s Bigger Than Coffee Review

So let’s get down to the fine details, the Little’s Coffee review. What would I rate them out of 5, a solid 4 easily. Little’s coffee is some of the best coffee I’ve tried this year without a doubt. Their Christmas flavours made me instanlty feel festive and they also have fantastic flavours to kickstart your morning. I’d be lying if I said I liked all of their flavours because some just weren’t for me. That being said, you have to try their French Vanilla coffee!

They have so many amazing flavours to pick from so I’d suggest trying ones that really stand out to you and then possibly buying more if you liked them. Remember, they have gift sets if you know someone who would love these coffees. In fact, if anyone wants to send me their double chocolate or chocolate orange instant coffee, go for it!

Little’s Coffee are eco-friendly which always ticks the right boxes for me and I’m glad that any capsules can be sent back without any cost to me and that their jars and lids can be recycled at home because sometimes companies say that you can recycle the products but most of the time you can’t recycle the lids.

Little’s Bigger Than Coffee Price?

With a cost of living crisis and the price of everything going up I thought it would be good to talk about whether or not Little’s Coffee is expensive. I would say that they are mid-range when it comes to prices, sure other coffee brands on the market are cheaper and available in most major stores but when it comes to flavoured coffee, Little’s flavoured coffee is one of the best I’ve tasted.

Are Little’s Coffee worth the price? Totally. I won’t lie, they are a little luxury so I wouldn’t be buying one every time I went shopping because I follow a budget but if I saw it and if it fits into my budget, you best believe that it’d be in my basket. The flavoured coffee also makes for a great ingredient if you’re baking and want to make something like this Baked Coffee Doughnuts Recipe but at the same time give it a flavourful kick.

Little’s Bigger Than Coffee – Coffee Club Review

I’m so glad I got to cover Little’s Bigger Than Coffee for Coffee Club, it’s been great to kickstart the monthly feature with something so rich and flavourful every day. Hopefully, this Little’s Coffee review has helped. Let me know what coffee they offer is your favourite and what one you didn’t like too much. I loved their French Vanilla instant coffee but their Limited Pumpkin Spice instant coffee was a miss for me.

Don’t forget to check out my other coffee club articles if you want to discover even more amazing coffee and try something new for your palet.

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