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I know a lot of people think of the slimming world diet as hardly eating anything or just eating salad all the time but that’s just not true. The slimming world way can be so much more fun than that and you get to try so many different and exciting slimming world recipes, I mean check out this Slimming World Diet Coke Chocolate Cake (Low Syn) as a classic example! Who would have thought that you can still eat cake on a healthy eating plan? One of the slimming world

Fancy doing something different in the slow cooker? Then why not try out this Crockpot Diet Coke Gammon is ideal. The idea of cooking with diet coke or any other fizzy soda is strange or unusual to some people, but more and more people are using drinks to cook and not only Coca Cola, I have cooked chicken with Fanta and that turned out great, cooking with Fanta usually make the dish go sweet and sour, whereas cooking with diet coke, it does give more of a BBQ flavour, so I

As autumn is well and truly on the way and when we get into the winter months, there is nothing better than tucking in to a nice hearty, comfort food and this¬†Slimming World Lamb Scouse (Syn Free) is just the ticket. Not only can this be made in the slow cooker, so it can cook all day while you are busy, or you can make it on the hob / cooker. Slimming World Lamb Scouse (Syn Free) is a type of stew really, the name doesn’t come from Liverpool, it

If you are anything like me, then slimming can be hard, especially because I like my food. One things that I have missed while following Slimming World has been a nice pie. Well not anymore with this Slimming World Slow Cooker Beef and Vegetable Pie. Instead of the standard pie being shed loads of pastry, this is more of an open pie with filo pasty on the top. You can stay on plan and only use the princely sum of 2 syns on this tasty meal. There are a large number

The slow cooker is back and with another recipe to help make life a little bit easier, not only can you cook stews and casseroles, but you can also cook a whole roast chicken. Now cooking a whole roast chicken in the slow cooker can be done, it is very simple, so simple in, if you have a busy day but plan on making a nice roast, this will give you the best results for a seriously juicy roast chicken. I will be honest, there is one drawback from cooking

Slow Cooker Chilli Con Carne So for this recipe, you will need a slow cooker but it’s totally worth it! If you want a Slow Cooker Chilli Con Carne recipe this is one you need. I’ve seen a few chilli con carne recipe ideas but most of them don’t use the slow cooker which is a really big part of this recipe. I find the slow cooker perfect when I’ve got a busy week because I can do so much with it and create some really nice slow cooker recipes. 

Slimming World Beef Casserole Who doesn’t love an amazing beef casserole on a winters night? Although to be fair you could have this slimming world beef casserole all year round because it’s so yummy. I’ve heard others call this a slimming world beef stew but I’ve never liked the term beef stew. This beef casserole recipe is full of all the goodness you need after a long day at work or after getting out that winter cold! Slimming world Slow Cooker Casserole is a firm favourite in our flat, it’s

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