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We all need vegetable stock for one thing or another, gravy, a sauce or even the base for a soup. So instead of it using pre made stock cube and adding water, this is a far better and tastier way to make your own stock and use for the things you need.

Homemade Vegetable Stock ~ Frugal Foods - adding the water

Making your own vegetable stock doesn’t have to be hard work or take hours and hours to make.

Making a vegetable stock also doesn’t need you to buy loads of vegetables, actually the complete opposite. What you need to do is simple, when you are preparing your vegetables for meals, keep the onion skins, potato peelings, off cuts of vegetables, put them all into a freezer bag and keep in the freezer.

Once you have enough to make a big pan of stock, then you can start.

So how do you actually make the stock?

Well again this is a simple process, empty all the frozen off cuts into a large pan, cover the vegetables with water and leave on a low to medium heat for 2 hours.

Once you’ve left the stock on for a couple of hours, the vegetable off cuts will be soft and most probably turned a different colour (as shown in the pictures). Strain off the used vegetables and throw these away.

If you have a compost bin, put them in that, if not, then the bin.

Strain the stock so there are no bits and pour into freezable tubs, don’t over fill the tubs, I usually put 200ml of stock into each a freezable tub. The reason for that amount is simple.

Most recipes need 200ml of stock, so if it’s portioned up, it will make your life easier for you.

For measuring of the stock, I strongly suggest using a measuring jug, as shown in the list below, as it will allow for more accurate measurements and more importantly, now bet the jug or burn your hands.

Then put the freezable tubs in the freezer and you have the stock there for when you need it, no need to mess about with stock cubes and most importantly, you have a great stock that’s packed full of all goodness. Now I have used old takeaway tubs, but if you haven’t got any saved or don’t want to order a takeaway, then why not check out these out, perfect for the freezer and storing your food.

Have you made any stocks before? Would this work for you? If you have tried it, how did it turn out for you? Let me know and would be good to see your pictures of your creating too.

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