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Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup When it comes to slimming world soup I have to say that a classic butternut squash soup is my favourite. In winter it’s one of the best soups that you can have and the sweet potato gives it a really nice kick as well. I’ve done a few slimming world soup recipes but have to say this is one of my yummiest yet! It’s the perfect slimming soup for winter and it’s syn free! Syn Free Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup If you’re

Meatloaf is one of those meals that is really quick and simple to make, perfect for when the weather is a little on the poor side. It is heartwarming, filling and just another one of those meals that I would call as comfort food. It is a firm family favourite and what makes this extra tasty is that this meatloaf contains sweet potato, so it’s nice having extra veggies in a meal. Most meatloaf recipes will contain ingredients that will make it syn’ed, however this recipe is completely syn free.

Slimming World Chips If you’re looking for something to go with your slimming world dinner I’d suggest taking a look at these slimming world chips, syn free slimming world chips as well. They are perfect with almost any dinner, I’d suggest putting them with a nice Slimming World Slow Cooker Diet Coke Gammon (2 syns). Syn Free Chips, How Many Syns In Slimming World Chips? The great thing about these chips is that they’re made with Frylight and that’s pretty much it, they are syn free and very tasty! You

Slimming World Beef Stroganoff Beef Stroganoff is an absolute classic, but it always seems that no matter where you get the recipe from, it has cream, cheese and so much bad stuff in it. I wanted to make a slimming world beef stroganoff with as little of the bad stuff in as possible but still keeping the recipe nice for everyone! This isn’t a Slimming World Beef Stroganoff with quark because I hate having to use quark in slimming world recipes all the time, instead, I use Philadelphia cream cheese

Slimming World Fanta Chicken Slimming world has some really amazing recipes and this Slimming World Fanta Chicken recipe is the perfect one for a syn free dinner. This dinner is syn free which means you can fill up on some yummy fanta chicken and pasta for the night and have room for a yummy slimming world pudding after! Now if you are thinking it is strange to cook with a fizzy drink, I get that, I thought the same, but I gave this recipe a go and realised actually how

Slimming World Beef Casserole Who doesn’t love an amazing beef casserole on a winters night? Although to be fair you could have this slimming world beef casserole all year round because it’s so yummy. I’ve heard others call this a slimming world beef stew but I’ve never liked the term beef stew. This beef casserole recipe is full of all the goodness you need after a long day at work or after getting out that winter cold! Slimming world Slow Cooker Casserole is a firm favourite in our flat, it’s

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