I love easter and these easy mini egg brownies are just the thing that helps me enjoy it even more. I always attempt to make new easter recipes each year and this year I wanted to make some yummy brownies and that’s exactly what you have.

I’ve seen this recipe all over social media at the moment but they’re long and have loads of ingredients. With this recipe, you’ll need four ingredients and that’s all. This is one easy mini egg brownies recipe and quite frankly, anyone can do them.

You can make this mini egg recipe with more ingredients if you want, essentially from scratch, I think it’s a lot easier with a box mix and it means less washing up as well! If you want to make a mini egg brownies recipe without a box mix, that’s easy to do.

Easter Egg Brownies

If you wanted to jazz up these brownies, that’s totally doable. Of course, you’ve already got mini eggs in the brownies and on top but you can also use other easter eggs for the topping. You could add cream eggs if you wanted or any eggs you can get your hands on, it doesn’t have to use be mini eggs!

I would stress that it’s important to use most easter eggs on top of the brownies. If you put them in the brownies their more chance of the eggs melting in the recipe which will mean the brownies don’t bake at their normal time and you might be left with undercooked brownies and nobody wants that.

I’d love to know if you included anything else on top of these mini egg brownies so let me know in the comments and I might just have to try it out myself one day!

Other Mini Egg Recipes

If you like baking with mini eggs, welcome to the club. I love making a yummy mini egg recipe, they don’t melt in the oven or air fryer and they are super versatile as well. I have a few mini egg recipes now and I’d love for you to take a look at them. Do you have any suggestions or what I should be making next? Let me know!

This mini egg fudge recipe below happens to be one of my favourites and it literally lasted two hours in the office when I took it in, I had no idea it would be so popular but I’m glad I made it!

Baking With Cake Mix

I love baking with a cake mix or brownie mix. It makes it so much easier and if you’re pressed for time it means you don’t have to spend time weighing ingredients and mix them all together. Most of the time they’re cheaper than buying all the ingredients as well so I would say it’s a pretty useful solution, even more so if you want to make these amazing easy mini egg brownies but not spend hours in the kitchen.

I don’t normally use box mixtures but sometimes needs must and we all know how busy it can be around easter time, especially if you have children so this is one time where I say go for it and let your hair down when baking.

For these mini egg brownies, I used a Betty Crocker brownie triple chocolate mix. I’ve used it loads before and it’s one that I swear by. I did use two for this recipe as they don’t always make loads and as I was adding bits into these easter brownies it meant I

mini egg brownies recipe

Equipment I Used To Make This Mini Egg Brownies Recipe

Now don’t worry. Unlike my mini egg fudge , you won’t be needing an air fryer. The equipment for this recipe is pretty straightforward and if you’ve made brownies before you probably already have all the stuff you need waiting for you in your cupboards.

You’ll find the equipment I used for these easter egg brownies below. Take a look at the affiliate links and see if there’s anything new you can buy for your kitchen. I recommend the silicone pieces as they’re reusable, easy to use and means you won’t need baking paper or tin foil in the future.

Easy Brownie Tips

Sometimes I hate making brownies, after all a couple of minutes more and you end up with cake. I used to shy away from making them because they were so difficult to make, however, I had to face my fear if I wanted to make this mini egg brownies recipe that’s for sure!

If you’re worried about making brownies, here are some tips. Make sure you put your brownies in the middle of the tray and I’d put it on the middle shelf, if you put them on the top they will burn on top but most of the time they won’t be done in the middle and you’ll end up with a gooey mess and nobody wants their yummy easy mini egg brownies to be an easy mini egg mess!

You can also get an oven thermometer if you’re worried about the heat of your oven. We moved into a new home recently and I hate trying out new cookers, our oven thermometer is a godsend and after a few ruined bakes, it really helped in making sure my bakes weren’t black when they came out of the oven!

When you test your easter egg brownies towards the end made sure you poke the middle of the brownies. A lot of people poke the outer side of the brownies and that doesn’t give an accurate reading because the outside is normally the first part to bake. You’ll also want to make sure you have a good cake tester!

Finally, if you find that part of your brownie wasn’t done enough you can put them in the air fryer on bake for 5 minutes, take them out and leave them to cool and most of the time, this will fix that! Make sure you have a silicone insert for your air fryer if you’re going to do that.

Mini Egg Brownies Recipe Card

I’d love to know if you’ve made this mini egg recipe and what you thought of it! It’s super fun to make and everyone seems to love them so personally, I don’t think you can go wrong. If you’re worried about your oven, get that oven thermometer!

If you’ve made these mini egg brownies why not add a picture to Instagram and tag me in it so I know you’ve created something amazing, I love to see when people make my recipes and it spurs me on to make even more!

If you’ve made this recipe or have any suggestions for more easter recipes, let me know in the comments because I’d love to make more in the future. It can be difficult though because I find if the mini eggs are in the fridge for more than a day, they get eaten up and yes I know that’s a “me” problem but I can’t be the only one with that problem, right?

The recipe card for these easy mini egg brownies is below, I hope you make them and enjoy every bite! You can see how many calories are in this mini egg recipe in the recipe card but personally, I don’t even want to know and I just want to enjoy!

easy mini egg brownies recipe

Easy Mini Egg Brownies Recipe

Delicious brownies topped with mini eggs.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 35 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Course Cake, Dessert, Sweets
Cuisine British, Dessert
Servings 16 Squares
Calories 163 kcal


  • Mixing Bowl
  • Square Silicone Cake Tin
  • Silicone Spatula
  • Scales


  • 2 Boxes Betty Crocker Triple Chocolate Brownie Cake Mix
  • 160 g Cadbury Mini Eggs Bag
  • 4 Eggs
  • 120 g Low Fat Spread


  • Pre-heat the oven to180℃ / 350℉.
  • Weigh out the low fat spread and melt in the microwave.
  • In a mixing bowl, empty the 2 packets of Betty Crocker Triple Chocolate Brownie Cake Mix. Add the eggs and butter and mix it all together until it is all fully combined.
  • Pour the cake mixture into the silicone cake tin. Sprinkle over the mini eggs and press them down lightly to they are a little into the cake mixture.
  • Cook in the oven on the middle shelf for 30 minutes. Check after 25 mins to see if it is all cooked. Check the brownie with the cake tester. If the tester comes out with a little mixture on it, the brownies are done. Make sure you check the middle of the brownies, not just the sides.
  • Leave on a wire rack to cool. Once cool, cut into 16 brownies and enjoy.


*Prices correct as of March 2023
Betty Crocker Triple Chocolate Brownie Cake Mix 2 Boxes 1056 kcal £4.00
Cadbury mini Eggs Bag 160 g 792 kcal £2.10
Egg 4 288 kcal £0.60
Low Fat Spread 120 g 477 kcal £0.19
TOTAL   2613 kcal £6.89
PER SERVING   163 kcal £0.43
Keyword Cake, Chocolate, Easter

Don’t forget to share this mini egg recipe with your friends and family. I mean who wouldn’t want to make these amazing mini egg brownies at easter time and I’m sure your family will appreciate an amazing and easy to follow recipe.

You can also add this mini egg brownies recipe to Pinterest if you want and let the whole world know that you make quality bakes and love to enjoy easter to it’s fullest. Enjoy these easter egg brownies and remember, if you make them share it!

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mini egg brownies recipe

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