Air Fryer Pepperoni Pizza Recipe

You should have seen by now that I can’t get enough of my air fryer (Ninja Foodi Dual Zone 7.6L Air Fryer AF3) and I’m using it all the time. Literally, all the time. This time I decided to make an air fried pizza. Who doesn’t love pizza, if you love pizza you’ll love this Air Fryer Pepperoni Pizza Recipe.

2023 is all about making new fun recipes, looking after myself and eating more. Let me clarify. I want to eat more good but tasty food and when it comes to this air fried pizza, that’s exactly what I’m getting. Plus, it all depends on how creative you’re feeling but you can add some yummy toppings to this pizza if you wanted.

The Best Air Fryer Pepperoni Pizza Recipe

So of course I’m a little biased, I made this pizza, a few times and it tasted great each and every time. So why wouldn’t I say they’re the best when I believe they are? I do have a few tips for anyone who is thinking of making this recipe though so check them out.

Pizza in air fryer. They’re great but I understand not everyone will have the same air fryer that I do. I know that some people like to use silicone moulds in their air fryer, which don’t get me wrong they’re great. With this recipe though, avoid them. I find instead, it’s easier to use baking paper under your pizza. This makes the pizza so much easier to transfer to your air fryer and also makes sure the pizza is cooked evenly.

Another air fryer pizza recipe tip, don’t overload your pizza. If you have too much topping then the pizza will burn on the top and take longer to cook in the middle and you don’t want a burnt pizza. Make sure you have a moderate amount of topping on your ninja foodi pizza so that you get the best pizza possible.

Air Fryer Pepperoni Pizza Recipe
Air Fryer Pepperoni Pizza Recipe
Air Fryer Pepperoni Pizza Recipe

Ninja Foodi Pizza

I love making a pizza in ninja foodi air fryers. They take a lot less time than using an oven and also use a lot less electricity. The ninja foodi is great if you’re looking to cut back on your electric bills. It doesn’t need to be preheated unlike an oven and it’s a lot easier to clean!

Whereas with an oven you’d have to spend time pre-heating and then cooking your pizza, you won’t need to when you do the pizza in ninja foodie air fryer ad I love it. You can always buy smaller, pre-made pizzas to go in the air fryer but that’s a whole different recipe altogether.

Equipment To Make Ninja Foodi Pizza Air Fryer Edition

Wouldn’t it be nice if I said I made this pizza air fryer without needing any equipment. I can already tell you I needed an aifr fryer so that’s not possible I’m afraid. Thankfully, with this recipe you won’t need that much equipment at all.

I used some equipment but not loads. Due to using pre-made pizza dough it cut out the need for scales, mixing bowls and all that other stuff. You’ll find a nifty list of affiliate links below that I used to make my amazing air fryer pepperoni pizza recipe. Take a look and maybe buy yourself something nice.

Healthy Air Fryer Pizza

So I like to keep my recipes on the healthier side and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve seen some pizza in air fryer recipes and they’re full of calories, have mountains of cheese on and quite frankly don’t look all that appealing. Which is why I try to make mine fun and healthy.

Slimming World Air Fried Pizza Recipe

When it comes to my recipes I like to keep them low in syns for anyone who follows the slimming world diet, I wouldn’t call this a slimming world air fryer pizza recipe because I no longer make recipes just for slimming world alone. That being said I will always tell people how many syns are in my foods until I’m told otherwise.

Thankfully, this slimming world air fryer pepperoni pizza recipe isn’t full of syns and you can happily enjoy it. You’ll find the syns in the recipe along with the breakdown of everything that is in this recipe so if you think the syn count has changed, you can either let me know in the comments or take a look yourself.

This slimming world air fryer pizza has 19 syns per pizza, you can use a healthier base or save up your syns to use on this pizza.

Low-Calorie Air Fried Pizza Recipe

Low calorie recipes are something I’m working on the most now so it would make sense to make this a low-calorie air fryer pizza recipe. If you want you can substitute some of the pepperoni on your pizza for healthier options such as peppers, onions and sweetcorn. In this low-calorie air fryer pepperoni pizza I haven’t.

This low-calorie ninja foodi pizza recipe is going to set you back 382 calories per pizza, which I don’t think is too bad. Of course, as I said you can play around with the toppings to make it healthier. If you did this, let me know in the comments as I’d love to know what you made!

pizza in ninja foodi
Ninja Foodi Pizza

Air Fryer Recipes

Are you loving your new air fryer? Think this air fryer pizza recipe is amazing and you want to make even more in your air fryer? Or maybe you just need a little inspiration so you can dust off your fryer and make something yummy for yourself or others. Either way, I have loads of air fryer recipes that you’re bound to love.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something super easy to make, something with a little bit of complexity to it or just something quick and exciting like my air fryer cauliflower bites (they’re not burnt!!). Take a look at the list of air fryer recipes below, if you loved this air fryer pepperoni pizza as much as me, you’ll love some of the below recipes, trust me!

Air-fryer cauliflower bites

Air Fryer Pepperoni Pizza Recipe Card

I hope you liked this air fried pizza recipe. It’s actually really fun to make and takes hardly any time at all. I will have other pizza recipes coming out in the near future. I’m looking at making a vegetarian air fryer pizza because meat can be high in syns and calories and vegetarian can be a lot healthier.

Let me know if you did anything different with this air fried pizza recipe. Do you have any tips that I could maybe use in the future? If so I’d love to hear them. It doesn’t matter what size air fryer you have, everyone can enjoy this recipe!

Air Fryer Pepperoni Pizza Recipe

Air Fryer Pepperoni Pizza Recipe

Quick and easy pepperoni pizza in the air fryer. This is healthy, tasty and just what you need.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 8 minutes
Course Dinner
Cuisine American, British, Italian
Servings 4 Pizzas
Calories 382 kcal


  • Air Fryer


  • 400 g Ready Rolled Pizza Dough 1 Pack
  • 100 g Low Fat Grated Cheese
  • 16 Slices Pepperoni
  • ½ Pepper
  • 4 tbsp Tomato Puree


  • Unroll the pizza dough and cut it into 4 rectangles.
  • Spread one tbsp of tomato puree on each rectangle. Top the pizza with the rest of your toppigs.
  • Cut 4 rectangles of parchment paper, one for each pizza. Place a pizza onto the parchment and put it into the air fryer.
  • Cook in the air fryer at 180°C/370°F for 7 – 8 minutes. Make sure the base is cooked and the topping is also cooked.
  • Serve with a side salad, chips or whatever you want.


*Prices correct as of March 2023
Pizza Dough (Ready Rolled) 400 g 1044 kcal £1.30
Light Cheddar Cheese 100 g 307 kcal £0.52
Pepperoni 16 Slices 146 kcal £0.65
Pepper (Red/Orange/Green) 1/2 16 kcal £0.13
Tomato Puree 4 tbsp 13 kcal £0.06
TOTAL   1526 kcal £2.66
PER SERVING   382 kcal £0.67
Keyword ActiFry, Air Fry, Air Fryer

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