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Breakfast can be a difficult time to have something nice, filling and not the run of the mill. These Slimming World Low Syn Strawberry Baked Oats are a perfect little treat, they are the something different. Very filling and a great way to have a slow release of energy. What makes these Slimming World Low Syn Strawberry Baked Oats great, is that they are 1.5 syns per serving if you are using the porridge oats as your healthy extra B (HEB), if not, you will have to add another 7

Slimming World Overnight Oats With work I have hardly any time in the morning to get breakfast, most of the time I’m out of the door before I even wake up, which is one key reason I love overnight oats slimming world style! I love making these overnight oat recipes in the winter as well when I wake up and it’s still dark outside I can start the day off without skipping breakfast, plus who doesn’t love a healthy slimming world breakfast!  I love making new sw overnight oats and

Slimming World Overnight Oats I was a little confused when I heard about slimming world overnight oats, not something I’d have ever thought about before but I have to say this Slimming World Very Berry Overnight Oats recipe changed my mind completely. So much so that I now have a few recipes for overnight oats on the blog. Also out of all the slimming world recipes I’ve made, sw overnight oats are the easiest! Overnight oats are really easy to make if you want to know how to make overnight

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