Lunch vegan burrito recipe

I tell you one thing; you’re going to love this Lunch Vegan Burrito Recipe because I know I did! I was getting a little bored with carrot sticks for lunch, so I thought I’d change it up a bit, and this recipe is to die for!

I’m by no means vegan. You can tell that with the recipes that I post. That being said, I do like to make vegetarian and vegan recipes because I honestly find them tastier and healthier most of the time and the best part, they are normally cheaper!

The ingredients that I use in this vegan burrito are nice and healthy and you’re going to love them. I couldn’t get enough of them and packed my lunchbox full. I’ll be making them again that’s for sure!

Vegan Burrito Recipe Ingredients

So I find it difficult to get hold of decent vegan cheese, not sure about anyone else? I find some of them to be a quick replacement for rubber and I’m not living for that! In this recipe, I’m using Violife 100% vegan cheese it tastes just like normal cheese, melts and you can hardly tell the difference!

I will say make sure the wraps you use are vegan. Aldi does some really good vegan rolls, wraps and bread now so be sure to check the bread section out next time you do your shopping. The best part is these ingredients don’t cost a fortune, unlike other vegan brands!

Of course, everything else in this Vegan Burrito Recipe is vegan. Lettuce, cucumber, avocado etc. However, I will always say to make sure the ingredients you get are 100% vegan as companies do change their ingredients without letting their consumers know!

Healthy Vegan Burrito Recipe

I love making healthy recipes and this vegan burrito recipe is no exception! This incredibly tasty recipe is packed full of goodness. I never heard anyone say they put on weight by eating healthy food all the time so that’s exactly what I’ve got. Take a look below to see how healthy this vegan burrito is!

Calories in Vegan Burrito – 429. This burrito recipe might not be the lowest in calories but it still tastes great and is healthier than any meal deal you can buy in your local supermarket. A low calorie burrito is nothing to be ashamed of loving!

Syns in vegan burrito – 21.5. If you’re following the slimming world journey, you’ll be happy to know that this slimming world vegan burrito doesn’t break the bank when it comes to syns. You can enjoy it, not feel guilty and still have a little treat at the end of the day.

So it doesn’t matter if you want a low calorie vegan burrito or a slimming world vegan burrito; I have you covered. These healthy vegan burritos are just the thing to have you feeling full and not worrying about your figure at the same time.

Equipment I Used To Make Vegan Burritos

I didn’t make this recipe totally by hand. That being said this is a pretty easy vegan burrito recipe. There’s no need for loads of equipment, and the steps are super easy to follow. This recipe can be made in literally minutes, and you’ll love every bite. Take a look at the affiliate links below to see what equipment I did use in this lunchtime vegan burrito recipe.

Lunchtime Recipes

I love making lunchtime recipes, I have quite a few now. If you’re looking for some yummy recipes to make for lunch, I’d suggest making these amazing low-calorie sausage rolls because they taste amazing and they’re nice and healthy!

You can also take a look at some of my round up posts if you’re looking for low-calorie lunch recipe ideas, slimming world lunch recipe ideas or just fun and easy to make lunchtime recipes!

Healthy Vegan Burrito Recipe Card

I’d love to know what you thought about this easy vegan burrito recipe and how much you loved it! Let me know if you did anything different with yours that I didn’t do with mine. I don’t wrap mine in tin foil like a lot of people because I believe in reducing waste in the kitchen. If you want to wrap it in anything I’d suggest using wax wraps (affiliate link here please).

Take a look at the recipe card below to make your very own lunch vegan burritos and don’t forget to let me know what you thought in the comments, send me a message or upload your own picture to Instagram and tag me!

Lunch vegan burrito recipe

Lunch Vegan Burrito Recipe

A tasty lunch that is 100% vegan
Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Course Lunch
Cuisine Lunch
Servings 4 Wraps
Calories 429 kcal


  • 4 Vegan Wraps
  • 4 Slices Vegan Cheese I used Violife
  • 1 Tin Taco Mixed Beans
  • 1 Medium Carrot Peeled and grated
  • 2 Sping Onions Thinly sliced
  • 1 Avocado Mashed
  • 8 Slices Cucumber
  • Iceberg Lettuce
  • Leon Harissa Aioli


  • Open the can of Taco Mixed Beans and put in a Colander to drain.
  • Peel and grate the carrot and add to a bowl. Slice the spring onions and add to the grated carrot.
  • Once the mixed beans have drained, add them in with the carrots and spring onions. Mix together until it is combined.
  • Cut the cucumber into 8 slices and then cut the slices in half.
  • Cut open the avocado, remove the stone and remove the avocado from the skin. Mash the avocado until its like guacamoli.
  • Get a wrap, place some lettuce on the wrap in a line to about ⅔ down the wrap. Top the lettuce with the bean mixture. Now add a spoonful of the avocado.
  • Take a cheese slice and cut it in half, place that on top of the mixture. Add some vegan harrisa mayo.
  • Wrap the burritos up and enjoy. Repeat with all the wraps.


*Prices correct as of May 2022
*This is 21.5 Syns per serving
Wraps (Weight Watchers) 4 472 kcal £0.68
Taco Mixed Beans 395 g 312 kcal £0.60
Vegan Cheese (Violife) 4 Slices 228 kcal £1.00
Carrots 50 g 16 kcal £0.01
Spring Onions 2 10 kcal £0.12
Avocado 1 322 kcal £0.30
Cucumber 60 g 7 kcal £0.09
Iceberg Lettuce 40 g 26 kcal £0.15
Leon Harissa Aioli 4 tbsp 324 kcal £0.56
TOTAL   1717 kcal £3.51
PER SERVING   429 kcal £0.88
Keyword Vegan, Vegetarian

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