Slimming World Tuna Pasta Recipe

If you’re looking for something to make for a light lunch or a filling dinner, this slimming world tuna pasta recipe is the exact thing you need. Personally, I think tuna pasta is a really nice dish to make and it’s super easy as well so if you ever need something quick to make, tuna pasta is the one!

My slimming world tuna pasta bake recipe went down a total storm with my readers so of course, I had to make a basic tuna pasta dish! My slimming world easy tuna pasta bake takes a lot longer to cook as it’s having to go in the oven, whereas this tuna pasta takes half the time and is equally as yummy.

Slimming World Tuna Pasta Lunch

If you want an easy slimming world lunch recipe to make, this couldn’t be easier. I can spend ages looking for slimming world lunch ideas and there’s only so many stuffed peppers that you can eat! When it comes to slimming world lunch recipes I would suggest this easy tuna pasta every day of the week.

We don’t always have loads of time for lunch and that’s understandable. These days everyone is fast paced and on the go. Tuna pasta doesn’t take that long, you can always make a little extra and have any leftover for lunch the next day and it keeps well in the fridge as long as it’s in an airtight container!

If you want to give your tasty lunch a bit of colour and a nice crunch I would suggest adding peppers, mainly the red ones as they taste the best. You can also add some nice onion into the mix if you want to give it a kick of flavour!

Slimming World Tuna Pasta Lunch

Slimming World Tuna Pasta Dinner Recipe

Slimming world dinner ideas can be difficult to find unless you want to be spending out loads of syns or eating something that tastes like soggy cardboard, which let us face it, nobody wants! This tuna pasta recipe cold is a nice treat and totally low syn.

If you’re looking for slimming world pasta recipes but don’t want to be cooking something every time, all you need to do is put the pasta on the hob for this one and sort out the rest of the ingredients to mix in. It’s one of the first recipes I ever made because it’s so easy.

You can also add your greens and make it a slimming world tuna pasta salad if you wanted. I love adding cucumber and crispy lettuce to my dinner. They don’t cost anything in the way of syns but elevate the dish so much!

Cheap Slimming World Tuna Pasta

With summer coming around every year I can’t wait for the BBQ season. If you’re invited to one or you happen to be hosting one, this is a great slimming world BBQ dish to have at any BBQ. It’s super easy to make and everyone can enjoy it.

If you’re looking for the best budget meals or budget dinner recipes, I have to say this is the dinner recipe for you. Cheap meals are something people are always on the lookout for and this tuna pasta dinner only cost £2.49 in total, totalling £0.62 a portion which is amazing!

You can see the cost breakdown of everything within the recipe card. When it comes to cheap shopping I always use Aldi, I find they have great quality food and they don’t cost as much as other supermarkets! Plus it’s a sporting event when you’re at the checkout so you get your daily exercise as well.

If you have any cheap meals ideas I’d love to hear them, sometimes following the slimming world diet is expensive so finding cheap slimming world meals is a total bonus. If you want more cheap and easy meals take a look at all my budget friendly meals.

Easy Slimming World Tuna Pasta Recipe

This easy recipe is something that will always be made in my family. My mum used to make it, now I make it all the time and my partner loves it. You can add all types of veg to it, peppers, onions, carrot and so much more. I will say that you need to take into account any sauce you use when it comes to syns.

If you want to know how many syns are in slimming world tuna pasta, I have the answer. I’m happy to say that tuna pasta syns are only 2 syns per portion. It’s a nice, healthy dinner that you can enjoy on your slimming world journey and feel full after!

Slimming World Tuna Pasta Recipe

Slimming World Tuna Pasta Recipe

A perfect tuna pasta recipe for lunch or dinners.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 1 minute
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Dinner, Lunch, Main Course, Main Dish
Cuisine Dinner, Lunch
Servings 4 People
Calories 351 kcal


  • 500 g Pasta
  • 2 tins Tuna in Springwater Drained and flaked
  • 2 tin Sweetcorn Drained
  • 1 Medium Pepper Sliced
  • 4 tbsp Salad Cream (70% Reduced Fat)
  • Salt and Black Pepper


  • Put a large pan filled half way with water, add a little salt and leave to boil.
  • Once boiling, add the pasta, give it a good stire and then leave for the pasta to cook.
  • Open and drain the tins of tuna. Flake the tuna
  • Add the tuna into a bowl with the salad cream and a pinch of black pepper.
  • When the pasta is close to being cooked, add the sweetcorn to heat through.
  • Slice up the pepper, throw away the seeds and leave the sliced pepper for later.
  • Once the pasta is cooked, turn off the heat. Drain the pasta and get rid of the water. Add the pasta into the dry pan.
  • Add the tuna and the peppers, mix until everythingi is fully combined.
  • Serve and enjoy.


*Prices correct as of April 2021
*This is 1 Syns per serving.
Pasta 500 g 775 kcal £0.45
Tuna (in Springwater) 2 tins 344 kcal £1.32
Sweetcorn 1 tin 132 kcal £0.37
Pepper (Red/Orange/Green) 1 32 kcal £0.27
Salad Cream (70% Reduced Fat) 4 tbsp 122 kcal £0.08
TOTAL   1405 kcal £2.49
PER SERVING   351 kcal £0.62
Keyword Breakfast, Fish, Lunch, Tuna

If you liked this recipe don’t forget to add it to your Pinterest. It’s a favourite of mine and I hope that everyone else enjoys it as well. Have you made it? Let me know in the comments what you thought and if you did anything differently?

Easy Slimming World Tuna Pasta Recipe

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