Slimming World Christmas Mince Pies (2 Syns)

Slimming World - Christmas Mince Pies (2 syns)

Who doesn’t love Christmas? I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t like Christmas and I’m no different. One thing I find is that from about September you can get mince pies in the shops, but I can never find a mince pie that is either nice or not full of crap. Well, that is until now.

When I say find, what I actually mean is make, I love making these Slimming World Christmas Mince Pies and the reason for it, is that I am in complete control of what is in them. You firstly need to start off with an awesome mincemeat recipe, oh and before you wonder where you can get one of those from, check out my Slimming World Christmas Mincemeat recipe here. The Christmas Mincemeat recipe is a fruit mincemeat pie filling recipe, this is a vegetarian mincemeat recipe.

What to use as the mince pie case?

When is comes to mince pies, it can be difficult in deciding what to use for the outside, some of the options include a shortcrust pastry, puff pastry, filo or even something completely different like a Weight Watchers Wraps. Now in the shops, you’ll only find pastry options, if you like pastry, then use pastry, but you do have to consider all the additional syns that are in them. I have decided to do something a little different and that is to use wraps. You may be thinking why use wraps for something like this. You may even think that I’m mad, you know what, I initially thought the same. That was until I looked at what I had previously made using wraps, I have used them for sweet and savoury, these include Slimming World Chicken and Sweetcorn PastiesSlimming World Cheese and Onion Pasties, Slimming World Apple Strudel and Slimming World Apple Turnover.

These all worked out really well and certainly a regular in my house, so why not use them for the mince pies?

What I love about the is Slimming World Christmas easy mince pie recipe is that there is no pasty in sight. You may be thinking “how can you make a mince pie without pastry?” Well, it is really simple and it’s with Weight Watchers Wraps. I would happily put my mince pie filling and mince pies up against Mary Berry mince pie recipe

Christmas is a time to enjoy with the family, eat well, drink plenty, enjoy presents and time with family and friends. One thing you can control is by thinking about what you are eating and making, this mince pie recipe allows that. Let me know what you thought about these mince pies.

Mince Pie vs Mince Tart

What is the difference between a mince pie and a mince tart? Simple answer really, the top. If it is a closed top, then it is a pie, if it is an open top, then it is a tart. So the questions comes, if you have something on top like a star, but the filling is still visible, is it a pie or a tart? So with this recipe, is it a Christmas Mince pie or a Christmas Mince Tart? I would still call this a Mince Pie recipe and I stand by that.

You will have to let me know if you have tried these mince pies out and if you think they are better than the shop bought versions. When I have made these for family, they love these more than the shop versions. I have to say that these are my luxury mince pies, especially as they are homemade mince pies.

Mince Pie Recipe

Slimming World - Christmas Mince Pies (2 syns)

Slimming World Christmas Mince Pie (2 Syns) Recipe

This mince pie recipe doesn’t use ANY pastry and if you’re wondering how or why; check out the recipe for more detail
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 18 mins
Total Time 23 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine Dessert, Snacks
Servings 16 Mince Pies


  • 16 tbsps Mincemeat Using my mincemeat recipe
  • 4 Weight Watchers Wraps
  • Frylight


  • Cut 16 circles out of the wraps and 16 stars.
  • Spray a muffin / cup cake tin with Frylight
  • Put in the circles into the muffin tin, try and make them as neat as possible here. Don’t worry if it overlaps a little.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of mincemeat into each of the cases.
  • Add the star on top of the filled cases, spray with a little Frylight to get it to go golden brown.
  • Cook on 180°C for 18 minutes or until golden brown.
  • Once cooked, remove from the oven, leave to cool for a couple of minutes before taking out of the try – DO NOT EAT.
  • IMPORTANT Leave for 20 minutes to cool before eating, these will be extremely hot and you will burn yourself!!
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Slimming World Mince Pies (2 syns) Recipe

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  1. Cora Harrison

    Matt these look delicious I can’t wait to try and make some later in the week. Thanks for sharing!

    1. They are awesome, because the mincemeat is homemade as well, it’s all good stuff and none of the rubbish. They are tasty and better than any shop bought I have had.

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